QGroundControl 2.0 tech preview release




On behalf of the whole QGroundControl dev team, I'm pleased to announce groundbreaking progress on QGroundControl, making it considerably more convenient, robust and user friendly. This is a first glimpse of a largely re-architected version that we're developing toward a full 2.0.0 release in cooperation with all of our partners in the open source community. You can see a video preview here or by clicking the image above.

The team made tremendous strides on two fronts: A complete rewrite of the parameter backend, making it more robust and efficient in terms of wireless bandwidth and latency, and adding new PX4 flight stack-specific config screens for easy configuration of that platform. Care was taken to not interfere with the operation of existing adopters of QGroundControl.

Other improvements include:

- Dramatically simplified Config screen for PX4 flight stack with graphical user guidance
- Completely rewritten parameter-handling infrastructure with clear display of onboard and pending parameters in Advanced Configuration
- Support for autoconfiguration of fixed wing and multirotor vehicles running the newest PX4 firmware stack
- Built-in autoconfiguration parameter files for many common airframes
- Automated PX4 firmware upgrades from within QGroundControl
- Completely new RC configuration and calibration wizards that identify proper RC channels for use with your specific RC transmitter.

You can download the Tech Preview builds for Mac OSX and Windows here:


The complete source for this tech preview is freely available here:


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  • is it possible to use Ardurover firmware with this program? 

    Getting the mavlink, etc is easier with "Q" but all my testing and tweaking was done utilizing the rover firmware. is there anyway to port that easily to "Q"?

  • Ah, good spot Sir!  I missed that - doh!  I have now switched in File - Settings - PX4: Optimized for PX4 Autopilot Users

    AND... Radio binds - PERFECT.

    Hot damn, excuses are fast running out, we might have to go fly!

    Thank you Don Gagne :-)

  • Are you running QGroundControl in PX4 mode? You can select that when the app boots, or if you already told to app not to show that first dialog again, you can select it from Preferences.

  • Hi All, new to this game so I am sorry if I am making a noob error!

    I have QGroundControl v.2.0.1 (beta) from the build08.exe file and it is running on my Win7 PC

    I am communicating with the Pixhawk over the 3DR Radio link, the PFD (Primary Flight Display) is good and follows movement and the GPS locks on and drives the map correctly.

    I am trying to bind my Futaba FF9 with Spektrum DM8 Module with my Spektrum Satellite RX which is plugged into SPKT/DSM on the Pixhawk.  I don't have a full Spektrum RX to perform the bind.

    In some documentation it says that QGroundControl2 has a 'Bind' button but I don't see it.

    http://pixhawk.org/peripherals/radio-control/spektrum_dsm_px4io (bottom of page)

    In advanced RC Calibration there is a Transmitter Selection dropdown but that is either unpopulated or does not work.

    Anyone able to spot where I am going wrong?

    TIA   Simon

  • Hi everyone!

    I've got a a Pixhawk autopilot, a Bormatec Maja airframe and a Samsung NX300 camera to perform some mapping projects.

    It seems that Pixhawk can be controled by APM Mission Planner or by QgroundControl.

    My question is: for mapping purpouses, wich one should I use? (APM PLANE 2.8 or QgroundControl 2.0.1?


  • I guess I've hit a brick wall. I'm up to date on qgroundcontrol and ardupilot, using FlightGear 2.12, Spektrum receiver/radio on OSX 10.7.5. This is what is going on as far as I can tell:

    - QGC starts the FlightGear process from Resources/fgfs which seems to be the wrong place. Should be MacOS/fgfs I think. I can modify code, to get past this.

    - QGC wants to start terra sync, which either I don't have and is optional. Or in the latest FG is no longer a seperate app. I can modify code to get past this.

    - ArduPilot want to get HIL_STATE messages but QGC is sending HIL_SENSORS and HIL_GPS messages. I can modify code to send HIL_STATE instead and then the APM will initialize correctly.

    - QGC doesn't handle the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW, it seems to want HIL_CONTROLS which ArduPilot does not send. Code for SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW is commented out. At this point I'm over my head as far as modifying the code to get it to handle servos output.

    Try the same thing in Mission Planner with same software loaded on ArduPilot and it works.

  • As far as I can tell Tech Preview supports HIL_STATE_QUATERNION whereas ArduPilot is waiting for a HIL_STATE.

  • Ok thanks. I'll do some more debugging to figure out why it isn't connecting up. I"m using the latest released FlightGear and the latest released ArduPlane HIL firmware (2.7?). All on OSX. FG is sending packets to the UAS, which sends them over to MAV, MAV sends them back to UAS, but then they don't seem to get any farther than that. I'll try building the latest firmware and using that. Apologize if I"m not making sense. I'm just debugging my way through this to learn how it all works.

    Also with FlightGear the code tries to launch the fgfs executable from the Resources directory which doesn't work. The executable is on the MacOS directory. It also tries to launch terrasync as a separate executable. That is not there either. I think in the latest FG terrasync is built in and not a separate executable, but I'm not really to sure about that part specifically. It may be a setup thing.

  • Developer


    HIL is fully supported and used, but your autopilot will need to implement / use the official HIL messages in MAVLink.

  • Is HIL simulation supposed to working in the Tech Preview? I'm synched and built to the config branch from a few days back. From tracing through it, it doesn't seem like it is connected up. I could be doing something wrong though. Wanted to see if it was supposed to work or not before I do any more debugging.

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