QGroundControl Integration for ArduPilotMega

I've just about wrapped up QGroundControl Integration for the ArduPilotMega. The code currently implements the majority of the common protocol for QGroundControl. You can successfully read raw sensor gps/imu/gyro data, read radio packets, check the system status, check the system heartbeat, get/set pid gains and other control parameters (note they have yet to replace the current values for the controllers). Tomorrow I hope to have waypoint send/receive complete and to do a ground test with an RC car and a flight test if that is successful. Thanks PixHawk team for making a great ground station!
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  • Excellent work, and it looks very slick.

    Just to confirm though, does the latest Mac version contain the APM functionality, or should I be looking to wait/build a later version?
  • Very impressive, excellent work.
  • Great Job. You are doing this for Ardupilotmega. Do you foresee any problems to use it with the normal Ardupilot ?
  • Developer
    Cool thing is that there are windows and mac version out now that will work with this. :-) I only had to make changes on the ardupilotmega side. As we bring osgearth online we'll have to make sure nothing breaks but everything looks good so far.
  • 3D Robotics
    Great work! Very impressive development and a welcome bridge to the terrific PixHawk project. I'm just putting in a plea for Windows/Mac executables at the end....please ;-)
  • I hope you did this in .NET, because I have always wanted to start a project like this! (I hope you all realise that I am just joking, and mean no one any harm.) Sometimes I think a little humor can lighten the mood. Ok, maybe a little *Good* humor would be better, but I'm not clever enough for that. ;)
  • Woow , nice job James.
    Home you cand make the waypoint posible.
    QGroundControl is one of the best GCS ived seen .
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