QGroundControl with Google Earth 3D Trees


It was just one of these casual quick hacks (about 10 lines of code), but QGroundControl now also allows to use Google Earth for visualization, including the new trees feature. We're just in the beginning of the integration, a binary including this feature should be available next week.

While Google Earth is very shiny, it does not allow adding additional visualization components with the same degrees of freedom as OpenSceneGraph and osgEarth. We will therefore push the OpenSceneGraph/osgEarth integration further, as osgEarth also allows for better offline use without internet connection. As our MAVs collect aerial images, osgEarth allows to directly render them into the scene (as 3D mapping), a feature missing in Google Earth. But since we now support the best of both worlds, QGroundControl users have all choices at hand.

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  • Same as above, I have struggled to find out how to display google earth with qgroundcontrol, I can't figure it out at all. any advice? . os x 10.9. the manual is no help.   it will be awesome when this is all working. 

  • I have QGC version 2.0.0 on both a Windows 7 and 8 computer. I have trying to find in the program the ability to use Goggle Earth 3D. It is noted in the operator manual, but I don't seem to be able to locate or if you have to build a widget to get QGC and GE 3D to work together...any advise?

  • I think you have to increase the terrain quality slider in the settings/preferences window to almost the maximum to get trees. It might also be possible that not all locations have yet trees, but since Zurich was not on the initial list, I presume they are adding trees globally.
  • I turned on my ge.LAYER_TREES in my GCS but have yet to find any 3D trees... I guess I need to try flying around San Fran....
  • The trees are not random placed, but are placed by Google in locations where trees are assumed. Some might of course be misplaced ;-). For Zurich downtown they are quite accurate.
  • Actually that procedure didn't work either....but i found out if i put in "QGroundControl" then hit "I'm feeling lucky" it worked out.
  • David, type QGroundControl into google, and dont let it auto correct it. It is the first result.
  • Where do i download this ??? Google seems very unhelpful though I did find that ground control 1 one of the best games of all time is free ...
  • Developer
    Wow! So this is what you guys have been up to! :-)
  • Wow,looks quite cool.But those trees are random placed?Or they corespond with the real ones?
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