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  • Developer
    Amazing, the work of this lab is always one step ahead...
  • Amazing!
  • stunning

    what's the name of the new lego line? Dronestruction?

  • That is what our robotics competition needs to do. Surface models are getting boring.


  • This ignite my imagination.

    As a previous university teacher, I was always looking for exciting futuristic (avangardiste) subjects to simulate involvment.

    But this is realy a dream subject  .... I am speechless ... for the time being only. 

    You guys better be proud of this. 

  • 2008 Olympics opening ceremony was an act of supreme precision of the Chinese people. Next time they host it'll be with a hundreds of these building the torch in front of our eyes while dancing and frivolities occur around it.


    We can only hope :D

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