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  • i remember an episode of mission imposable back in the 70's where they used what looked like a hexa in a ufo body to spy on the bad guys from a ventilation duct. most of the time you could not even see the wire holding it up  ah that was TV :)

  • i never did see the video with the quad in it, so many commercials :(  this is why i don't watch TV and this guy the CAPE he has nothing on Phoenix Jones up here in Seattle :)

  • I sure hope you guys dont look like those goons who were piloting that thing... i'd be really sad.
  • Where did they get a miniature machine gun and how did they get it to fire 50MM cannon ammo?

    Sad thing is, people will think this crap is a reality.

    If the magic gun is pre-ban and they paid the transfer fee, they were legal until they opened fire.

    You are not allowed to attach pyrotechnic devices if you want the AMA insurance to cover you though.

    Not a single FAA violation here.

  • T3

    Guys "armed" (smoke, baton, tazer)  sUAS for civilian security applications are in development and I understand being evaluated by at least one Canadian police department:



  • @mquintilian

    prolly won't flip
  • missed them both! should've used arducopter
  • Interesting design for a quad though, you could belly land that anywhere, maybe. Would that design work?


  • The gun on the quad would get you arrested. Not to mention break a few AMA and I think even FAA "regulations", although bullets aren't projectiles that burn or explode are they? You'd probably get a firearms violation or something though right? ;)
  • Good thing going around the corner of those buildings had no effect on the signal....
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