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  • They are lucky to have that bottom/elevated net, cause every crash could be $4K's worth of new parts (on just 2 quads, $8K if all 4 collided).


    I'm surprised they have not mounted safety rings around the propellers, the Stanford and MIT guys did.

  • lol and each of those quads are pretty expensive too 

    heres the my arducopter version. Pool noodles shroud ftw!!


  • Developer
    yeah and madhuran remember that they are also using 300.000 USD Vicon camera system to track those quads. So we pretty "safe" with ArduCopters
  • LOL someone is making a lot of money on props!
  • LOL seeing this right after my arducopter attempted to fly through a loop and failing was very satisfying 
  • great one !
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