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  • You must use made in USA  APC propellers !!!

  • Developer

    This doesn't surprise me at all :)

    When I was testing the stabilise/acro and frame conversion code I was breaking, on average, two props per test session. (GF props)

    While loiter may not work very well with that level of vibration (I should test it). The filtering improvements mean the copter can quiet happily be flown and landed safely. You may not get this sort of reliability if you have poor pid tuning though.

    Nice video and landing :)

  • Thanks for the comments, no marks on the boom, pretty sure I am just pushing the limits of the hobbyking APC slow-fly props...

    Very happy with the APM and how it, combined with some pretty serious stick input kept the thing in the air.  

    About a month ago I watched an s800 w/ wookong have the same thing happen (half of a prop) and it ended up as a pile of parts directly below where it broke.

  • Wow, it's amazing how the flight controller still kept in the air and that you landed it almost perfectly.

  • hehe it happened to me too :)  2:16

  • Any landing you can walk away is a good landing :)

  • Did you have a boom strike with those floppy props?

  • That's very impressive! Gotta keep an eye out for those stress marks. 

  • Nice video. Don't think I've ever seen a prop failure like that before. Maybe it's a sign that you should embrace the single-bladed prop concept. Check out NightFlyyer's channel on Youtube for more info. 

  • Sweet landing!

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