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  • Performance - capable of producing complex aerobatic manuevers beyond even the most skilled Trex helicopter pilot. A properly designed VPQR will be able to do more than what the guys at G.R.A.S.P. can do with their quads.

  • Currently building a variable pitch quad - yes changing pitch is a lot simpler than ramping the speed up and down. If you disagree, then come back to me when you can stay in the air for more than one hour.

  • Well, one advantage for this particular quad is the monster "performance".It can carry 20kg and can hover for 40 min based on how many batteries you use.Maybe one of the advantages iare his dimensions,by allowing some huge propellers.Those huge propellers are easier to pitch than accelerate.
  • explain this quad in reference to the word "Performance" :-)
  • "And instant reaction to control input."

    i thought that ESCs react faster than standard servos, don't they?

  • This is not my quad, I just saw it on some rc forum for sale and I've disscused with the owner.I'm not sure if this thing works but I wanted to share with you a simpler method of building such a quad, by using heli parts.I do have some close up pictures but I will not make them public for the moment(I have to ask permission first).I plan to make my own at some point.
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    "the only advantage of a variable pitch quad is that you only need one motor"

    And instant reaction to control input. Not that a "plain" quad takes long, but there is a difference.

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    I think that it has the potential to fly well and be very efficient in flight.

    But... One of the main reason people started experimenting with quads is that they are mechanical simpler then a helicopter. And much cheaper and easier to build. If you are willing to put up with the complexity and expense of using helicopter parts, then there is no need for a quad. If we are honest a helicopter flies better, has better efficiency, more lift and is more stable then a quad. Especially in bad weather conditions.

  • why would you want 4 motors AND 4 servos?

    the only advantage of a variable pitch quad is that you only need one motor

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