Quadcopter Build Update 2

Bending the parts.

3689550346?profile=originalTest fit of the stacked up plate and Centerpiece. I really have a hard time bending the parts. I made a sheet metal brake made of wood! Checked the distances from the CAD drawing. everything seems ok. +/- 1mm-- good enough for me.

3689550532?profile=originalLanding gear. Bent to 25 degrees. 140mm distance from bottom to landing gear plate.

3689550550?profile=originalBottom plate of the centerpiece and the arms. Now, bending this arm will require a "real" sheet metal brake. My DIY brake will break bending this parts. lol. I need to put rubber grommets to those 12mm holes so that the motor wires will be safe.

3689550614?profile=originalI will be using fiberglass rods instead of the 12mm aluminum rod (a bit overkill).. I think the landing gear looks good. Test assembly.. still a long way to go..

3689550573?profile=originalI think the landing gears is sturdy enough..

3689550632?profile=originalAnother view of the whole assembly less the arms.. I am also experimenting with aluminum square/rectangular tubes in case the arms or whole assembly will be too heavy.  Note: the screws on the landing gear are temporary.. I don't have a shorter screw as of the moment.. Well, that's it for the day..

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  • any estimate your total cost for the frame alone? pm me.
  • Jay.. Last time I checked aluminum was a metal.
  • @Jay... Thanks sir! Still a long way thou..

    @ John.. I am still thinking of the best way to mount the electronics part without the possibility of short circuiting the line. The only thing I am certain right now is that the GPS will surely be located on top, Radio telemetry will be housed outside the centerpiece, and reciever will be installed a little bit lower (almost near the landing gear plate.

    @Hugues my rough estimate is around 1.8kgs.

  • It's aluminum.  He posted this in his previous blog post:

    Comment by rjc_quadcopter on Tuesday           

    This is a 1.5mm thick aluminum 3003. I am looking at a more affordable aluminum. thou 6061 is "aircraft grade" and maybe the best material for this, I think it is a bit overkill. In my computation, the whole frame weights aprox. 475g w/ landing gear. and 355g w/o the landing gear.  


  • John I think it's a aluminum frame so its not a metal frame as far as I know.

  • MR60

    nice looking but I would be a bit afraid of the weight, isn't it ? Do you have measured/estimated yet what will be your total AUW ?

  • Very nice design and construction. Are you planning on coating it with any type of electrical insulation primer? Any concern of shorting on the metal frame?
  • and it's getting closer! Congrats Reggie!

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