Quad-copter featured in upcoming video game

3689389476?profile=originalIn a new video game called "Homefront" you will be able to use a quad-copter with the ability to shoot bullets and drop bombs in the multiplayer campaign. It is named the "RQ-11 Parrot" and looks uncannily like a Parrot AR drone mixed with a Draganfly X4. The game also includes a battery meter and speed upgrades.
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  • pity they took a waco theme...

    This way the US never looses that gun problem.

  • Starts about 30 seconds in.


  • I went looking for some more information after reading this.

    Looks like there’s going to be a few drones (2 air, 2 ground), but the Parrot won’t be one of the armed ones.

    - Helicopter Attack Drone - Costs 800 BP. Fires 2 missiles every 4 - 5 seconds.
    - RQ-10 Parrot - Recon Drone - 250 BP - A battery powered, remote-control quadricopter. Cameras relay targeting info to teammates. Unlocked at level 1.
    - MQ50 MG Wolverine- Assault Drone - 500 BP -A battery powered, multi-terrain tracked drone. The assault variant is equipped with a machine gun. Unlocked at level 1.
    - MQ60 AT Rhino - Anti-tank Drone - 400 BP - A battery powered, multi-terrain tracked drone. The anti-tank variant has two modes of fire: unguided and lock on. Unlocked at level 20.
  • Yeah it has been pretty heavily hyped. 


    A gun and bombs on a quad... AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Maybe a .22 and some hand grenades. 


    They tried to put a gun on one of these and they have more lift. 


  • Sweet , blow that s...t up , the American whey :)
  • Im defiently picking up a copy even if its just to control a drone multiplayer
  • Here's a video trailer from Homefront. There are also land vehicles and larger air vehicles that will look very familiar.

    Might have to get this for my PS3, if its multi-player.
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