Quadcopter simulation on AeroFly Professional Deluxe

Here, you will find the model of my Quad Rotor Observer (QRO) v5 for the AeroFly Professional Deluxe simulator

This is very useful for training purposes during outside bad weather conditions and/or during our cold winter...

The QRO v5 quadcopter model for AFPD can be dowloaded HERE

Tested successfully on Aerofly Professional Deluxe v1.9.7.11

More infos at:

Regards and Enjoy,


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  • hi , when i download the zip file it is only 1.5 kb big and i cannot open it with 7zip program.

    the size seems a bit small. what may be the problem.

    Thank you.


  • Kindly anyone have any info about setting-up ArduPlane Hardware In Loop Simulation with Aerosim RC ?????

    please tell 

  • I have the APDL. v1.9.7.11 with Windows XP and I downloaded your Qrow5. Everything working fine, thank you very much.But: I have music in the Qrow5, but I have not sound of the motors.
    Is it possible to add sound, please?

  • Thanks for the reply Jean-Louis, I was hoping to be able to import existing models from AeroSim straight into Aerofly Professional however I will study your tutorials and see what I can do.

  • Developer

    Hello Clive,

    Today, they are two best simulators for testing multicopters models with the APM firmware:

    1) AeroSIM-RC v.3.81: see my tutorial at 

    This simulator is able to reproduce HiFi model of multicopters and helicopter and this is a good test plateform for testing the tuning of PIDs

    2) X-Plane v9.70: see my tutorial at

    This simulator allows you to test quadcopter and plane in full autonomous navigation with various weathers conditions. The X-Plane simulator use real digitized map and it is fully compatible with Google Earth maps and the APM mission planner.

    If you want to test and explore deeply multicopters with the APM, I recommend you to use these to sim in HIL (Hardware In the Loop) simulation mode with your APM board.






  • I've imported this quad copter into Aerofly Professional Delux and find it to be rather tame. I've also downloaded the trial version of AeroSIM-RC and tried out the quadcopters included in that and again find them rather tame compared with the real thing.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to make the models in the simulator a bit more "lively"?

    Is it possible to import any more quadcopters into Aerofly as I don't really want to spend more money on buying AeroSim when I already have Aerofly?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Developer

    Hello John,

    Today for conducting test in HIL mod with the APM I am using AeroSIM-RC, the flight model is really more accuate and close to the real world, most particularly for the multicopters. Below som videos samples of HIl simulation tests done on quadcopters and helicopter connected to the APM board through the Mission Planner.




  • Nice modle JNL, it seems very stable compared to the heli modles and it very big in perspective. how true to life is this model compared to your real rig?

  • I have a MAC on 10.7 but when I click to open, I get an "error it quit unexpectedly. Do you want to retry" and it goes on & on from there.

    Any suggestions?

  • Hi MBSteed, can you please help me install this model in my mac (AFDP / Mac OS10.6.8) ? I've searched all over the net and could not figure out how to do it. I've been learning to fly a quad (Gaui) and would be very helpfull this model for me to practice!

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