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  • WHY? O_o

  • Jack, I'm pretty sure powering with a Tesla coil would be pretty straight forward, some super capacitors, a charging circuit and a power supply.

    Tesla himself would have been thrilled, however, practical, maybe not so much.

  • NO no. Nothing kinky.

    It's like mother's milk for them... Life Force.

  • Darrell,

    Robots love stuff like this.

  • Also useful for flying your quad in rowdy Country&Western bars.

  • I think I seen some thing like this a year ago that actually powered the copter I think it was under the heading Energy power transfer ? I remember discussing it with /Munroe?

  • Imagine if the tesla coils actually powered the copter. I mean drone.

  • The linked site wouldn't work for me but is looked too cool to not search youtube for a more direct link...  For others having trouble, this might work:

  • @John, Your a genius!  You make it and ill buy it. :) No more unwanted quads flying over my house ;-)

  • Wait a minute, we "need" somebody to build a flying Tesla coil.
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