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  • Iskess, without the Quadplane components it can loiter at around 9A (I'm using for 4S, so that's around 130W). Initial tests with the Quadplane setup show around 13A or so (190W). However I still need to do some more testing and dial down TRIM_ARSPD_CM and ARSPD_FBW_MIN as these are quite high/conservative for now to prevent a stall.

  • Jacques,what increase in amps or watts do you find it requires for cruise when flying with the quad booms on? My Skywalker seems to need about 160W rather than 120W, that's +25%. I haven't seem many people post their findings yet, so I don't know what to compare it to.
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    Very nice build.  The Ranger seems like a great platform for VTOL conversion.  I really like the paint job you did too.

    I built something very similar for a new TV Show called DRONED.  We delivered it to Tyler Perry, who is a huge RC Enthusiast, a couple of weeks ago.  Here's a clip from the show, which airs July 22 @6pm on the Science Channel.

    Tyler Perry VTOL

  • I am using Li-Ion 3200mAh cells in mine. 4P3S makes it 11.1V at 13200mAh. the pack is quite light. give me 70 mins with payload of 300 grams. max current at takeoo  is 22A. cruise is 11A.

  • @Jacques. the aircraft in picture is gorgeously painted. lot of work in painting that aircraft. is it possible to buy CHDK enabled canon IXUS 140/150 camera from your company which can take PWM zoom and shutter commands. I already have the same plane fitted with pixhawk.

  • Yes, I think this is a really good airframe. If anyone is interested, I posted 2 build logs on RC Groups.

    Build log for fixed wing only

    Build log for Quadplane conversion

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    The ranger is indeed a good platform to convert to VTOL 

    If anyone wants to build one, I posted a build log a few months ago

  • I love long distance fixed wing planes. they are excellent for wild life conservation. the tigers can be tracked by picking data from their radio collars. so no need to risk humans for tracking.

  • the aircraft is volantrex ranger. very good frame for UAV. lot of space inside. the fuselage material is excellent. takes heavy impacts without damage. landing gear is excellent. very sturdy. I like this plane. can take 1Kg of gimbal and camera payload. i send mine for long distnaces of upto 10Kms. but this frame has been gorgeously painted. excellent for engineering photography and survey of large sites. very good

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    Very well executed!

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