quanton flight control

I am proud to have the opportunity to announce hardware availability of a new target for TauLabs.

quanton flight control rev. 1 <-- shop site (on stock, worldwide shipping)

System information and components:

For those who don't know about TauLabs, please look here.


OpenPilot firmware on pre release hardware:


TauLabs firmware on final hardware:


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  • Hello everybody !
    I've ported arducopter to Quanton Rev.1, based on the port of vrubrain. So far everything seems to work. Im currently building a Hexa to try it also in flight.
    I'm using USB id of vrubrain that the board is discovered by GCS, this I'm planning to change and also add it to GCS as another supported FC.
    Is anyone interested in this?
  • hello guys
    i would like to ask you how can i connect a current sensor to the board ?
    i have a current sensor with 3 cables. 1 for current sensing 1 for voltage and 1 for ground. I would like to know how to physically connect the wires to the board (a photo would be awesome)
    As far as the software configuration of taulabs i am ok.
    ex. do i have to connect the current sensor wire to the IN 7 Sig. pin and voltage sensor wire to the IN 8 sig. and the ground wire to whichever IN 7 or IN 8 Gnd pin ?

  • No, someone would need to port it.

  • Dumb question ..

    Is the Quanton Board compatible with VRBRAIN regarding Arducopter?



  • What kind of help do you need?

  • Hello i have just purchased this board and i need some help with the solder points on 5v

    Can someone help?

  • I'm going to buy a Quanton blank PCB along with sensors from livinz today.  I think I can cobble everything else together from my "parts box" and then hand/hot air solder the SMT parts. If nothing else it's an eye exam! :)  I'll try to record/photo the build so I can post on a blog.


  • Hi, welcome. I just saw you signed up on our forums too. Yeah it's a bit messed up the hardware isn't publicly released. Especially after the amount of grief they have given to other OSS projects for any delay releasing hardware. Oh well.

    That's why we ended up forking and moving on with our lives, and it has been a great move. I hope you have lots of fun!

  • By way of introduction I'm just getting back into the hobby after a year long hiatus. Hello to all!

    A few months back I was planning to use the OP Revo - didn't know about Quanton then - as the basis for a non-commercial hardware project that includes some additional sensors and onboard ESCs. I know, it's not rocket science but it keeps me busy :) But Revo hardware files have not been made publicly available.

    So I'm really excited about the Quanton board and the TauLabs project. For those who just like to build, blank Quanton PCBs are available now from Lilvinz, as well as assembled boards. He is also helping the community by making the hard-to-get sensor parts available at reasonable prices.

    @James and @Kenn, I'm sure the fork from OP was not an easy one. Thanks for giving of your time and energies to make such great stuff.

  • Ghislain--

    Be very careful about shorts. It's a close fit, which becomes impossible to manage if you have soldered on the other USART pins.

    Since I hadn't soldered on the pins, I was able to get in there and apply a tiny bit of twisting pressure to make sure all the connections were good. Also, don't forget to remove the two jumpers as detailed in the STM32Discovery PDF.

    The Quanton will need to be powered. USB is okay for that.

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