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  • There's no information anywhere on the aircraft, but judging from the extremely obscure camera used in his last post, it's probably using a very obscure battery that's either not rechargeable or very low current.  The motors are probably very obscure, low RPM inrunners with obscure propellers, to get the most efficiency.  They're probably throttled right at the limit of their thrust to weight ratio.  His camera doesn't show up by browsing Amazon for the word "camcorder", so the power system probably won't show up anywhere by searching for "battery", either.

  • I have a tendancy to take this with a heavy dose of salt... typically people in this field love to share their specs and such... part of the spirit of multirotor craft..  so the lack of details makes me think this is not what it seems.   The other thing is simple math... four motors are burning a certain number of watts and so you would have to load up quite a bit of wattage in batteries to be able to pull it off and based on how it is flying at the beginning it does not look loaded up with anything. 

  • I'm guessing he is using those new unobtainium batteries.

  • "Comment by Bill Nesbitt 6 hours ago

    Don't know what he's using, but I've been using RCTimer 5010 360Kv motors with RCTimer 15x5.5" CF props with a minimum of 4S."

    How long flight?

  • Don't know what he's using, but I've been using RCTimer 5010 360Kv motors with RCTimer 15x5.5" CF props with a minimum of 4S.

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    Everybody knows that you need big prop's and low Kv motors. The question is what combination is being used here.

    Is there some reason why you won't answer such a simple question?

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    Yes it's the secret of long time of flight.

    efficient prop/motors combination ... and drop battery.



  • This is no hoax.  Victor uses a flight controller of his own design running a modified version of AQv6 firmware.  Dropping spent batteries is of course what makes this demo possible.  However, getting long flight times without ditching is possible.  I have a hex able to perform 45 minute long missions with standard LiPos.  I am building a custom battery pack using NCR18650A's which, based on bench tests, should extend this to 1Hr, 20mins.  The key is to use ultra efficient prop / motor combinations.  You want large, slow turning props attached to motors with low Kv.

  • this is not fake.
    look at the other videos on my channel ;---)
  • he drop spent batteries, thats the reason of this ultra long flight

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