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    There is no way that is for real for a quad that size.  I'd say the biggest battery that would be a 6000mAH battery, and if the aircraft was able to fly around at 6A, that would mean at max of 60 mins.

  • unreal!

    dual dropping of of used batteries

    мужики, будуте летать, пригласите зрителем

  • Awesome, BUT..... (sunset in Moscow, Russia, for the dates specified is 19:49 (see or, and it looks different from 21:15 (when additional lights were added - at 5:34 on the youtube timestamp.

  • Come on, doubt its fake.....  Just because we can't figure it out lets not cry fake....   I am definitely the first to be skeptical, but there are a lot of things out there that we don't know about..  Looking at the machine itself I would say the props and motors are probably fairly normal, large prop, low rpm, high e, lightweight frame setup... So I think that would leave the batteries as the "unknown".  From what I have been able to play with lately, I figure it will just be a couple years for some really interesting battery technology to hit the commercial/ consumer markets.  He is probably using some very high density light weight battery packs. That is my guess.

  • FAKE. What is the point of posting this if you're not selling anything or sharing. Video Hits? LAME

  • @ Monroe - Each one goes for around $7-$9 USD - that's seems to be the going rate....
  • @Monroe - Yeah A123 did go belly up but Johnson snagged them, I get mine by harvesting from the black & decker vtex drill batteries @ HomeDepot and Lowes. Each one is 1100 mah at 3.3v so 2 = 6.6v at 1100mah. This has worked perfect to power my APM for some time now....No need to balance them either and they hold a charge for a very long time while in storage.
  • Alexsey, perhaps so. Could have just as easily been powered by the air in your head though.

  • Ch.11 doesn't mean they stop producing cells..  actually Johnson Controls purchased them through the ch.11 filing.  Johnson Controls plans on continuing producing cells for the foreseeable future.

  • I have never dabbled in Fuel Cells, but I believe they are capable of producing the energy/weight combination to go many hours in flight, quad or fixed wing. Lipos, Life,A123 unfortunately do not have energy/weight combination for Quads, or Tricopters or above i.e. Octos, Y6s to push past 1hr IMHO. It would take a unique engine/battery combination to do that. Not saying a miracle couldn't happen, but I have done testing extensively. Once you get to a certain energy level the weight starts reducing time in flight massively. So adding more MAH at that point only serves to reduce flight duration. So getting the right battery, weight and engine efficiency is key. But off the shelf its hard to see beyond 1hr from anything hobby related. It would take custom engines, escs, batteries to go that far i.e. 1hr 41 minutes and even if it were possible, it would not be with Lipos, Life, A123 etc...but rather a new chemistry.
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