Reach RTK Pixhawk integration released!


This landing looks so good like it is a reversed takeoff video. In reality this is a demonstration of using Reach RTK integrated with Pixhawk. This feature is now available for all ArduPilot based autopilots, including our beloved Navio+ and Navio2.


Only single radio has been used, with RTCM3 corrections tunneled through telemetry and Pixhawk. As Reach is equipped with Wi-Fi it is easy to connect to it and use Mission Planner to inject correction data into the MAVLink stream.


We got several requests from the ArduPilot developers not to use NMEA protocol for this integration as it does not carry all required data. GPS gives autopilot more than just location data. Speed, accuracy estimates, heading and more is required for ArduPilot to take full advantage of an RTK GPS. This is why we have added custom ERB (Emlid Reach Binary) protocol. For other autopilot systems NMEA output is available as well.


In this test flight we used ArduCopter 3.3.3-Reach, it is stable firmware with ERB protocol support added on top. We will provide custom builds for now, but considering that this code is already in master we expect to see full Reach RTK support in ArduCopter 3.4 . If you would like to build your own firmware, here is the related pull-request.



We have put together detailed docs about this integration that cover Pixhawk, Radio and Reach settings as well as Mission Planner GPS inject feature.

Reach users will need to perform an update through ReachView app. ArduPilot integration is available in version 0.3.0 or higher.  




All settings, status and logs are accessible through our user-friendly ReachView web app. It works on any device that has a browser. The app is hosted on Reach itself thus does not require internet connection to work. You can connect Reach to the internet for updates and NTRIP corrections.


Only four months since we have shipped first units to our Indiegogo backers and development is moving forward at a great speed! During this time we have been working restlessly adding new features, improving stability and overall user experience with Reach. This release brings an amazing feature - integration with ArduPilot based autopilots. New features also include Bluetooth solution output, which allows to output enhanced coordinates to a number of Android apps, automatic log conversion to RINEX and many more.

Best regards,

Emlid Team

P.S. You can also read an incredible report by Luke Wijnberg about using Reach for placing Ground Control Points for mapping and general surveying. 

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  • recovery system for the plane

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words!

    @Jiro Hattori, yes, any connection type should work fine.

    @Jerrsin, the app is hosted on the device itself, it does not communicate with any servers, so it will work anywhere in the world.

    @Sergey, the antenna is placed on a ground plane to mitigate multipath and levered higher to keep it away from interference from other electronics.

  • Good progress!

    Btw, is it a GPS antenna on the top of the rod? What is the actual reason for such antenna placement?

  • Keep doing !I like this,but I am Very worried about this APP in China may not work

  • @Paul : for mapping , if this can eliminate RTK GCP which is time consuming and expensive also...

  • Great news! I have one question.

    Can we use single Wifi dongle for the purpose on NAVIO that is connected to Mission Planner through UDP ?

  • @sid what would be the use in a plane?

  • sid, Sure! It works very well on fixed wings. 

  • Can this be used for fixed wing as well ?

  • Cute. I'm terrible at forums.

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