Really fine RPAS filming


I think the trouble with an awful lot of multirotor footage is that its all about the multirotor footage. I see way too many zoom climbs, reveals and drone films XYZ from above its just dull. I have a feeling the general viewing public is also getting used to it so for late arrivals they are going to have to work hard to get noticed.

This short film of Scottish cycling genius Danny MacAskill uses the RPAS to get the job done but does it in a way that adds to the story rather than being the centre of attention. Anybody that knows about Munros has heard the reputation the Cuillin Ridge has.

Of course all shot commercially and perfectly legally in the UK. Job well done Lec Park.

If you happen to be in the UK there will be a 30 minute documentary of the making of next Friday, look out for it on iPlayer.

Here's another Danny movie for those that are only hearing about him for the first time in this post


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  • Amazing footage.  Danny has mad skills on that bike.

  • I agree with you 100% - it becomes more about the aerial footage than the subject/objective. A multirotor is a tool (even though it's much more than that to all of us on here including me). 

    I think in this instance, it appears as though trades were kept separate (camera operators/s and UAV operator did their thing and handed the footage over to the film editor to do his/her thing). 

  • Fantastic shots and needless to say, besides the skills of the biker, also excellent framing skills.

    Moral of the story: you get the best footage when the audience doesn't even notice they're used.

    My favourite scene: first video @ 2:15.

  • I agree.  Too much multirotor footage is just about "look what I can do."  That's soooo 2010.  I agree too the general viewing public is getting used to Phantom V2+ and GoPro wide angle distortion and late arrivals will have to work hard to get noticed.  They'll need to spend some money to put decent cameras on decent gimbals on decent two operator flyers.  They'll also need good video editing skills like Cut Media.

  • Highest respect for the skills and effort to bring it to the public view! Amaaaazing!

    Thank you for bringing it up! I really enjoyed the view, although being on the top of the mountain gives me chills in a spine! Being a pilot myself I am scared of heights!

  • Gary it would be great to add the making of when available.

    We could all learn a lot

  • Developer

    The drone footage is awesome, but barely watchable due to vertigo inducing madness of a mad man. :-o lol

  • Uau!

    Amazing bike ride. Awesome photography, drone pilot skills, camera.... chapeau!

  • Being an Avid MTB'er, and downhill racer, I can only say, Bloody Awesome!! 

    And I agree, the objective is the subject in the field of view, not the damn thing carrying the camera!

    Great Gary.

    The Nampilot.

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