I just saw this on our local news and was surprised nobody else had posted it here yet.


Easily the truly stupidest idea I have ever seen - Dutch Police train Eagle to take down drone.

Better than the UnAmerican Eagle in the Our Man Flint Movies (that dates me a bit I'm afraid.)


Might be Ok with a $30.00 toy, but even a phantom would/could seriously damage an Eagle and a heavy quad or X* could cut it to ribbons.

This is right up there with introducing rabbits or cane toads to Australia (and that worked out so well).

Managed to offend three groups at once with this one, Animal rights People, Us and sane people everywhere and the news media is eating it up.

I used to think it was because anything sensational attracted them, now I think it's because they are just plain stupid.

I happily invite all comments, pro or negative to this post, you can see my stand, but I can't help but feel that most of you will be pretty disgusted by this as well. :)

Best Regards to you all,

Gary McCray - DronesAreFun

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  • Is it a joke?  I'd be worried about the bird being injured when it takes on a hex or octo with CF blades. I wonder what the penalty would be for plucking a police eagle :)
  • Developer

    We worry about the eagles but what about the humans as well ?

    I will not be surprised to see a legal class actions against the top drone suppliers for personal injuries. 

    Fleye is an example of a design which does not expose propellors.

  • I agree with Rana, beautiful creatures being put intentionally into harms way.


  • Stupid is what stupid does.

    I wondering at what point the eagles instinct will take over and it won't attack the drone anyway out of self preservation?

  • Here is their official video.

    I have to say, that the eagle species shown are not the species usually used for falconry.

  • How can one be so cruel to put the life of Eagles in danger ?

  • I really though that drones where on top of the food chain....Deception...deception....
  • I didn't hear so stupid-crazy idea yet,  cf props cut the poor Eagle in mincemeat :O ; are idiot people sparcing in the hole world :(

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