After arriving in Texas, I've talked to several land owners who complain about feral hogs damaging their property.  I had a solution that would incorporate thermal imaging with a sUAS platform to track hog movement and patterns during the day and at night.  While doing research I came across this little baby, the M1D Micro PTZ Gimbal


  I was very surprised at the size, weight, and resolution of this camera.  It uses a FLIR thermal imaging camera that are available in three resolutions, 120x140 being the lowest @ $3900 and 640x480 being the highest at $9500.  I was definitely expecting this to being in the upper teens or low 20's!


It has a very nice CCD camera, Hi-res thermal camera, and focusable laser incorporated in a weatherproof housing.  Being 6" tall, 4.5" in diameter and weighing in around .9 kg, it seems to be a very good solution for a UAS system such as the X8 or similar platform.


The only issue that I have seen along with most PTZ systems in the RS-485 communication.  I'm not a comms expert so I do not know if it is possible to do a P&P setup with the APM 2.5.  I did come across a couple of Xtend 900 RS-485 1W modems that would allow control from a joystick or PTZ control board from the ground.


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  • Shaun, how much is the quark?  Also, what about replacement lens cost?  I know you can't use standard plastic or glass because it absorbs wavelengths specific to shortwave (or is it longwave) IR.

  • Oh only $3,900, I misread and only saw the highest price of $9000.  That is a nice price for that model.

  • I was thinking about using a FLIR Quark...  I wonder if they're using the same camera.  Using the Quark, you should be able to drop a lot of physical size and weight off this unit.  It is cool looking though.

  • How would you be able to control RS-485 with RC gear and the Ardupilot?

  • @Josh, I was actually looking at that one too.  For $900 more dollars you can get a CCD, laser, and PTZ zoom in weather proof housing with the M1D.  But the resolution is lower.  Plus the WOW factor of the camera gimbal is worth it!

  • I think the quality is lower, but I thought the size and cost (around $3k) would make it a possible drone camera.


  • @Chris
    Some additional comments to RS485
    Using RS485 beside RX and TX you need a portpin for tranceive enable. RS232 is a point to point connection, RS485 is thought for multipoint communication.

  • RS-485, 422, 232  are just different IEEE electrical specifications for voltages & the way that they are driven...

     Meaning that all you need is a level translator break out board. 

    RS-485 signals are more resistant to noise than RS232 or TTL.



  • thats going on my xmas list

  • Had a quick look at the web advertisement ... but didn't any see the detail info about Hz rate.

    Wondering whether this would be commercially available to non-USA purchasers? If not, then what can suppliers that aren't limited by the USA export restrictions offer ?

    The link below shows a nice example of FPV by FLIR.


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