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Hi Guys


I wanted to let the DIYDRONES members know we have released the New G-frame and will start production this week. We were able to get a great rate from our CNC partner and have passed this on to everyone here. The price for the complete G-frame (G10) is $149.99 at the FPVQUADS.COM website on pre-order. We expect to ship the first units in 2-3 weeks. The price includes the complete G-Frame, Built in Gimbal with servos and all hardware. Just drop in the 3D Robotics ARM 2.5 and some FPV gear and your all set. We have a small video here and will post several more over the next few days. We have tested with ARM 2.5 (2.9.1) and with DJI Naza GPS and both units perform fantastic. Just the cost of most GoPro gimbals is more that the complete package. Flight times we are getting with the test units is coming in about 14 mins with 4S 4000MhA @ 80% battery use. Let me know if you have any questions and we are always very happy to help. We think the cool design with arms functioning as landing gear and the new ESC housing located under the motors offers a clean and functional unit.



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  • Can you post all your PID parameters used with APM 2.5 and the different motor/prop combinations you just recommended?

  • Here is some new pictures and what comes with the package that you asked for.






  • Hi David

    The weight as requested with no battery is 1008 grams


    Front arm to front arm 20 1/2 inches

    Front arm to opposite back arm is 22 1/4 inches

    Back arm to back arm is 16 3/4 inches.

    Body Front to back 12"

    Body side to side 6"

    Body bottom to top main plate 1 1/2 '

    We did a lot of testing with 2212 motors and 8" props. We have also tested larger motors (T-motors and Avroto) with 12" carbon fiber props and we had good performance with all of them. With the 12" props and the Avroto we  got a bit longer flight times and can hold more weight. 

    We will offer all replacement parts on the site and in a few crashes we lost one arm which hit the ground like a kamakazi when we pushed a battery to zero. :) 

    If you plan to carry a large payload then T-motors or Avroto seems to carry more than we could put on it, full FPV with 2 cameras and video switcher, 5800 4S battery, and two GoPros (one gopro strapped on the bottom and it did fly strong and had lots of power. For most people, 2212 and 8 = 10" props will cover most FPV use. We just got a GoPro 3 which is lighter then the 2 we have used and will get some tests with it soon. 

    Let me know if you have more questions.


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    Looks like a good frame.  Just a couple of questions.

    What's the weight with APM, GoPro etc but without battery?

    What are the dimensions?  And max prop size recommended?

    In your testing, what did you find were the common 'breaking' points?  If the wheel area breaks due to a heavy landing, do you have to replace the entire arm?


  • Update: 

    Sorry, We have FIXED the paypal CHECKOUT and you should have no issues placing your order now. Thanks to all that Contacted us.  Paypal told us, due to the large amount of orders they needed to check with us on our account. All fixed. Thanks for all that emailed us about this issue. 


  • Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the comments. Yes you are correct. We tried a few different feet on early builds, mostly for looks, and we are not the Pro Level flyers like most here on DIY Drones and had hard landings sometimes because of skill. Then we started thinking about airplanes and how they land on rubber tires even hard landings. We tried a few different tires until we got these that are a bit softer and the little bumps on landing seem to be more forgiving. A lot of the people here are must more skilled than us and this really means very little as they just set it down like a Pro. Thanks Joe and happy flying.


  • Looks like a very sturdy rig. I expect this was done to solve the bouncy landing of most landing gear. I'll be ordering soon once you post the specs others have requested. Looks like I've got enough spare parts to flesh out most of it once I get the frame and gimble. I would also like to see the fine tuning of APM 2.5 parameters.
    Thanks for the post and design effort.
  • @Scott 

    Thanks for the question, We will post the weight today with some close up photos.

    @ Robert J. 

    Hi Robert, thanks for the comments and question. We prototype several builds addressing the CG on the frame until we came up with the final design. That was the hardest issue we worked on, getting the CG just right. The angle of the front arms and the battery location when fully loaded was the key to moving the CG point backwards. In some of the first units, the frame had a tilt forward of about 10% from level and adjusting the arm angle, arm height fixed the CG and allowed a very level operation. We have tested with different battery sizes and weights (1800MhA, 2200, 2600, 2700, 3500, 4000, 5000, 5800) and with this final build and different battery weight the Frame performed very well. Thanks again for your question.


  • I was just checking out the design (which I like very much by the way) and was wondering: How does your center of gravity change with the gimbal and camera in such a forward position?  Are the forward arms angled sharper to the front to counter the weight?  I can't really tell from the pictures.

  • What is the weight of the frame with gymbal and servos?

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