We are excited to announce the release of the FlytOS v1.5-5. You are requested to update your FlytOS using the OTA automatic update feature. This version of FlytOS introduces RPi camera support for video streaming over FlytCloud, FlytOS beta support for DJI, and other minor updates and bug fixes.

Please refer to the release notes for the full list of changes: https://goo.gl/AhhzCv

Update Instructions: https://goo.gl/YdH5W9

What’s new in FlytOS v1.5-5

Released on 25th January 2018

Key Updates

  • added RPi camera video streaming API via FlytCloud
  • released FlytOS beta version for DJI

Bug Fixes

  • FlytOS during boot up on NvidiaTX1, would freeze its UI
  • position_set_global API for APM sometimes sent drone to incorrect location
  • position_set_global API would return success=true even if command terminated due to timeout
  • FlytOS during boot up would delete saved values of user created params in few cases
  • exec_script API when used to trigger complicated python script would fail sometimes
  • FlytOS would not allow RC to switch over from OFFBOARD mode for PX4 in some cases

Minor Updates

  • FlytSim now runs latest arducopter SITL firmware (v3.5.4)
  • FlytOS now also checks newer FLTMODE feature of PX4, to verify API (OFFBOARD mode) switch position of RC
  • Navigation APIs now detect valid position data even if position sensors other than GPS are used. Only for PX4
  • added support for maxbotix MB1242 (I2C) sensors, allowing obstacle avoidance for APM
  • added support for JeVois cameras (upto 2 camera supported) and enabled its ARTag detection API
  • running stop_flytOS.sh script now prints relevant info, as opposed previously.

FlytOS is being continuously evolved to add more features, wider compatibility with hardware options, more sample codes to assist developers, fix bugs and enrich documentation. We request users to keep their drones updated at all times. Instructions for installing the latest update are available here.

To learn more about FlytOS visit https://flytbase.com/flytos


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    just an FYI, when I am on your website main page it was taking 107% cpu of my MacBook.

    Not sure what's going on but you should fix it.

  • Can you provide a link to the source and license for FlytSim? (I’m assuming it’s gpl v3, as you’re using ArduPilot sitl)
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