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For those multicopter fans who are going to be at the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition on June 16th (only rovers and planes allowed to compete), a reminder that the DIY Drones crew will be holding a "Multicopter Rodeo" the next day, open to all. It's just like the Sparkfun competition, but for rotary wing UAVs.
We're going to be meeting at 10:00 am on Sunday the 17th at this site, which is about 15 minutes from Sparkfun (Google Street View shown, along with adjacent archery range). Autonomous multicopters and helicopters of all types are welcome, and the competition will consist of timed completion of a course, with extra points for autonomous takeoff and landing within a marked area. 
Prizes and refreshments will be provided, but mostly it's an opportunity to geek out with other aerial robotics fans and tune code for optimal performance. Low stress, high fun -- everyone welcome (and free!). 
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    Alan: we'll definitely be taking pictures and uploading video afterwards, but no streaming I'm afraid. 

  • After watching the streaming of the Sparkfun AVC yesterday I wondered if you would be doing something similar for the rodeo? If not will you be uploading a video of the event for those that can't be there in person?

  • Exciting stuff. I hope the weather treats us well!

  • Sounds like a great time! Thankful to be in the Boulder area.. :) 

  • 3D Robotics

    I pack them in Pelican Cases, with LiPos, and put them in the checked luggage. The TSA usually inspects, but they've never complained about the LiPos. 

  • Developer

    If flying to Denver, how do you get a multicopter to the competition? Can you pack a LiPo in checked luggage, will the airline allow it?

  • Developer

    All tickets booked, I'm there!

    Hard Hat Optional?

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