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  • Need "THROTTLE HOLD" for multi-copter!!!!!!

  • I can think of a more dangerous habit.

  • Frederic, that's a great idea.  I think someting similar could be done for quads.  Just a simple, single loop that slips over the blade and arm.

  • While preparing my tricopter for flight I unplugged the throttle Channel by mistake, It jump on me a eratic throttle level, It Putted me on thé back and begin to jump arround. By miracle I quickly catched it. (3.6kg of thrust, not easy)

    Lessons learned : activate pull-up resistor on the arduino, let my feet on the frame until everything is ready.
  • I have been so worry about this same issue that I made up some prop rotation blocker using duct tape on my Octo Coax that I slip on every time after flying.

    This works great with the coaxial config but not on a quad, it will be great to have some piece of hardware that block the motor rotation when we work on our helis. 

    Like a U shaped staple that we could drop on any prop and that will lock onto the arm.

    I hope your friend recovers quickly.


  • How'd it get both of your hands?

  • It's a serious project that need our focus, discipline and responsibility. Get well soon bro.. :)
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