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Aerial Photo and Video, where the action is! RCrecon started exploring the sky in 2010 with remote controlled airplanes and some concept new U.A.V. drones. With our knowledge, experience, programming and upgrading in-the-air-camera's, we are ready for your challenge! jonathan@rcrecon.be http://www.rcrecon.be

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The sky above Belgium

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RCrecon.be commented on David Mobach's blog post Telemetry radio case for XBee & 3DR style radios
"Nicely done!"
Jan 11, 2013
RCrecon.be commented on Paul Braun's blog post Request for flight footage
"Willing to send some clips too
just choose what you want ;)
Jan 11, 2013
RCrecon.be commented on RCrecon.be's blog post The OSRC project is getting somewhere
"So many things to try out with this one ^^"
Jan 10, 2013
RCrecon.be posted blog posts
Jan 10, 2013
RCrecon.be commented on u4eake's blog post Twinstar fpv lost and found by girls.
"Nice too see some other Belgian fly and recover their planes :P
thanks to the nice girls!"
Sep 24, 2012
RCrecon.be posted a blog post
A friend had an accident, how much more you have to tell people to remove the props when uploading a new firmware.Dude saying it was a "software error" on Multiwii...and this is the result:
Jul 17, 2012