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  • Ouch! I hope your friend recovers soon!

    These aircraft are definitely not toys. Learned this first hand when I accidentally overloaded an ESC and caused a small fire in my basement last weekend. I now work with an extinguisher next to me AND also take the prop off the airplane when working on anything. LiPos get charged and connected outside only now.

    Who's interested in producing a DIYDrones PSA about safe operation?

  • Couple of things I noticed with multicopters:

    a. never connect to MP on USB with ESCs on (props may spin up to 30% for 3-4secs)

    b. never plug in USB with ESCs on (ditto)

    c. never open/close a Arduino terminal with ESCs on (props make spin 1 rotation)

    d. Always DISARM before touching a flown multi. Never let go of the throttle stick when picking up a copter.

    e. Never put your Tx down after landing to get the copter (easily nudge the sticks).

    f. Test XBee actions without props 1st.

    g. always blimp the throttle after disarm andbefore walking up to a copter.

    f. Never let anyone run up to a landed copter.

    Cages are nice, but take time to mount, since they will get destroyed on a hard landing. Also you need a spherical cage since the danger is coming in from above or below.

    Aside from being aware of props, I always attach a 5lbs weight on the bottom if I need to test something that needs props running (e.g. failsafe).

  • True!

    But this shouldn't have happened. Even without props on them! It's a serious lack in the software ..

  • Developer

    Just disconnect one phase of your motors and you will be safe!! 

  • Looking into a simple proplock.  If I come up with something brilliant (unlikely) I'll post it to thingiverse.  

  • I got nailed launching a simple flying wing.  Brushless = ER visit potential.  Changed how I launch the wing after that, but it's also a good reminder to have friends around if at all possible.  It is possible to do something mortal with these things, given bad enough luck.  Spent 8 hours at the local ER for a couple of stitches, won't be doing that again.  

  • Two spots of injuries..


  • Hi.

    It's getting better my hands. I couldn't forsee this. Marco, I didn't even touch my Tx :). Everything is caused by the software. It was the multiwii calibration process that started the quad.

  • yeap ... multi rotor is not a toy ...

    this is my accident with one of my big hexa

    3692468949?profile=original3692469295?profile=original3692469358?profile=original3692469348?profile=originalthis occur by a i2c bus fail

  • Developer

    @Jack: i agree, but motors are disarmed when i play with the quad in my hands... :-)
    When upload firmware to all boards you must use a little power supply (or USB, when avaiable like in APM2) without plug the main LiPo battery! This is a know rule...
    Before handling the quad in the hands with the LiPo connected will be confident enough of its own wiring and the software will not crash by moving the electronics, I have run many tests in this direction before being sure that all was well.
    The "throttle hold" is useless, just arm the motors when the quad is on the ground and disarm them before taking it in his hands, do not emulate me!
    Multirotors are not a toys.

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