Remzibi OSD + APM Integration v2.1.2


1/ Software Update on the integration of Remzibi OSD and APM

I am just updating Blake's and binzi's Blog contents:  Blake and binzi

I do not know how to make a firmware for APM Planner, so you will need to use Arduino GUI tool


Replace your ArduPilotMega folder with the ArduPilotMega folder from


Configure the APM_Config.h to your need

//to deactivate use OSD_PROTOCOL_NONE

// port 3 is the telem port on the shield
#define OSD_PORT            3

// set a radio switch to activate/deactivate the OSD output :

// below 1450 will display the OSD

// above 1450 will stop displaying the OSD

#define OSD_MODE_CHANNEL    6

// choose your unit to display the disctance to waypoint in feet or meter
#define OSD_UNIT            OSD_UNIT_METER
//#define OSD_UNIT            OSD_UNIT_FEET

Then follow the normal process from the wiki above.


2/ Hardware

To connect your APM with the Remzibi OSD, you need to have a cable from Telem port to Remzibi GPS port. GND and TX (from APM) are enough.

If you do not see any OSD info at first, stop your camera feed to see if the OSD shows up anything. You might be starting in the wrong TV mode (PAL/NTSC). You just have to push the OSD button for about 1 second.


3/ Remzibi

You need to use Remzibi OSD software from Remzibi site and update your layout with APM.bin and flash the firmware using ARDU firmware (Announcement) in the same software.

Note: for metric or feet units , be carefull to use the right unit in the Remzibi OSD software. You need to change the APM_Config.h for feet/meter of the next waypoint in the status at the bottom



Once everything is connected, normally the APM sets HOME for the OSD once it gets a GPS_fix. If you connected your OSD after that, then you can just push the OSD button once to force the HOME location on the OSD.

The arrow and distance from home will always display home direction and distance to home direction. It won't show the next waypoint direction (too complicated yet )


5/ what's new

I have updated all the units and it should be displaying proper values now


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  • Is it possible to connect both a generic xbee (like the one from goodluckbuy) and remzibi simultaneously?  Something like make a Y line out of serial tx and send it to both rem and xb, then ground them all the same, and send the ard tx to the xb rx?  

  • OK thanks, which version of remzibi OSD firmware are You using ?? Do i have to download completly new firmware or just .bin ??

  • Yes you have to solder some pins on it.
  • Mathias, Tutorial says to connect APM to OSD via telemport but on my board i don't see any ports or pins on telemport. Do i have to solder a pins to that ?



  • Hi, I followed the instructions above (using latest 2.24+remzibi code), flashed the OSD with APM.bin and connected gnd and tx (out) from APM. OSD output shows ardupilot configuration correctly on the screen but no data is received from the APM. Also channel 6 has no effect. Anything different required in the set up for the latest code?

  • Matthias, thanks for that link. I had not been subscribed to blog posts at that time so I missed it - very informative, and very exciting stuff coming our way.

    For FPV I would only want the OSD on the plane, but for UAV stuff I am going to have telemetry anyway. Sometimes I will have a camera on board my UAV, so in these cases, OSD on the ground might be less hassle.

    I am going to test, but will also be excited to see DIY Drones OSD when it comes out.
  • @Peter : Thanks for the bin

    @Luke: If you use a laptop on the field and it might make sense indeed.

    Or (like me) you do not take a laptop and you want to keep it lightweight, then using xbee makes no sense as :

    - you need to add xbee on the plane

    - xbee on the ground

    - an OSD on the ground.

    You do not save weight on the plane and have a new source of interferences in your vehicule.

    For reference about OSD from diydrone, check the last part of the announcement here :


    - did you flash the OSD using ardupilot layout (menu->View->OSD Layout->Ardupilot)

    - do you have home set : click once the button on the osd to set home. AH does not show until home is set

  • Wouldn't it be just as easy to have Remzibi OSD on the ground, inline with the video stream to your monitor, and tapping off the Tx line of the ground XBee? All the data is coming to the ground anyway - if you are using telemetry.

    Chris Anderson mentioned Remzibi integration with APM 2.0 in this thread, but no details. I don't know if that means Remzibi will be the supported OSD... it would make sense. The thing is robust and open source. Why re-invent the wheel?

    I have not heard of the DiyDrones OSD, is there a post on that somewhere?
  • Andrew you are correct, it is certainly doable. But on the other hand I will either use the OSD or Telemetry as they really provide very similar information. So for a simple version a switch between OSD/XBee may be the way to go and if someone wants both at the same time, it is still possible with some additional effort.
  • Hmmm... thinking about it you are right, the artificial horizon was correct. Just felt wrong on the bench but I'll have to change that back :-)

    Here my modified version of the OSD layout: APMRemzibi.bin

    In my opinion your code should not cause any interference with the main code and it would certainly make things easier if it would be included in the main code. Possibly with a nice configuration option to switch between OSD and XBee. Coming out with a DIYDrones OSD is great but I don't really want to wait another 6 months if it can be done now :-) 


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