Rescue system/Parachute for multicopters!



After sadly finding that there is a bug on 2.9.1b which is hard to find unless you check your tlog after a flight, hopefully before you crash:


I got this amazing link from one member of the forum! You gotta check it!













You can get it here!


Thanks mP1 for the link!


Sorry if this is old news, have been following the blog for a long time and this is the first time a see a finished solution for saving your investment.


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  • Developer

    More complex (and expensive) system, with 8g Co2 

  • It would be nice if:

    1) ESC could be set on brake and mix the parachute deployment with the throttle cut so that you only need to flick 1 switch.

    2) This failsafe system could be advanced to the point you have a slight fall control instead of a random drop. Kinda like a dead stick on an rc para-glider. I don't know how hard this is but i don't thing it's rocket science to have 2 servos corresponding to that movement sharing the channel on the receiver with the corresponding functions of the Flight control.

  • I am using my phone to type so excuse the typos
  • Wellbi actually made a more diy version a few months ago, if you dont want to pay the excessive amount look on obbking for parachutes they used to have them, make one using a large plastic bag or look on ebay tthe on diferwncee will be this guys is more expencive
  • @Darrel

    Crazy hat on here. One could also deploy a blimp above your copter. When i get my chut i will test it by making a small equivalent board with some wieght, a rx and the servo + chute. I was thinking it might be nice to have some small motors just so i can control it away in case its floating to the wrong spot.  This might reqiure an extra battery and rx but so be it.

  • @Craig

    I noticed the exercise type chutes dont have the mini chute which supposedly sucks the main one out. I wonder how important this is.

    Shame they limit sales to America( they wont send to Australia).

  • I would parachute!! :D Just when testing new builds/firmwares, maiden flights and doing parameter tweaking!

  • Personally i did not consider myself to be trolling, especially considering i was not lying or making blatant insults without merit, however i fell drone savant sums up things nicely, you guys keep lofting the ardumega to the heavens then kicking anyone out who tries to say that something is wrong with the product and not with their hardware.

  • I should add that RS232 is bidirectional, so that the Failsafe can send commands to the Autopilot, if desired.  This is intended to provide a mechanism for sending the vehicle home should one of the triggers be programmed for such an action (rather than just crashing).  Loss of uplink or loss of RC control channel or geofence violation, for example, would be reasonable circumstances in which to tell the autopilot to return home.

    Obviously autopilot failure is a more serious condition, and you might configure this for automatic parachute deployment and flight termination.

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