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From Robots.net: "The 3rd annual AUVSI Autonomous Surface Vehicle Competition (ASVC) is over and first place went to the University of Michigan. The University of Central Florida took 2nd place and University of Rhode Island came in third. Check the ASVC website for complete results. You can watch more video of the the event online."
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    Stephen, Debating the debate & trolling under its pretext are two different acts & trolling is not welcome under any pretext. When debate is not backed by any logical explanation ,it can be mis-understood as trolling.
    As to where some one's funding is coming from, where it is going etc etc is some thing you need to talk to people who fund and those who receive it. We @diydrones look at positive things and experiences but then world out side looks as different from different windows as it feels to 4 different blind people who look at a elephant.
    As to "We don't need to know", it is taken out of context from a muddy water. I wish I did not respond as quickly as you did. We all enjoyed the boat episodes very much and look forward to more of those from every one every day. It motivates me to try some thing similar some day. If you or any one of the community member has more of such experience , please feel free to share. We all highly appreciate such creative usage of tech when done in Diy mode . Episodes like those makes everyone's day than reading and responding to comments like yours under pretext of debate. Debate and advices are best served when asked for.
    "When I glance at the logo I don't see a NASA Ikhana, no need to read anything else it to it." Come on,You can do better than that. Glancing does not qualify for any level of reading and research.

    "people with less cash using their own money are more innovative, is that not how nature works?
    May all my mistakes be small ones, measure twice cut once."
    What do you think we are doing here? Don't we as Diydrone community not doing exactly that?

    We don't need to know" to a suggestion about a boat forum was misunderstood and so was my reaction. My apologies.
    Bottom line : It is fault of "glance" . Both mine and yours. lets do better than that.
    BTW , Me & 33 other moderators don't have the luxury of "hostile reactions". If you don't like what you see, you are welcome to walk out. Non of the moderators will do that for you. Cheers.
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    @Stephen, that's just trolling. Since you've bothered to look though our archives, you know that we went to a lot of trouble replace the logo of a Predator with a NASA Ikhana. Look more closely.

    Morli is a site admin enforcing our policies. He works hard to keep this forum civil and the signal to noise ratio high. Please respect that.
  • Most of these teams not only have sponsors in industry but deep educational grants as well. And my superiors understand that regular people, unlike you apparently, make mistakes. Rather then punish people and hurt moral, it's more cost effective to replace the part and teach them to be more careful in the future. Better have an office full of engineers that break something every once in a while, rather than an office full of people to scared to risk innovation..


    I have removed most of this post per Chris's policies of not debating militarizing of drones. Thank you Stephen for linking me to the post informing me on Chris's policy. However it is ironic that you link policies you yourself are breaking by mentioning the use of drones as weapons in the first place.
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    Understood your concerns and views. I agree/understand now to what you meant by 1990s F1 ideology. Teams on their own money rarely stand a chance against sponsored teams with deep pockets in such comp.

    Thanks for sharing the link to old post. Link to Updated policies have been added below FAQ now. Cheers.
  • I'm lost to how we went from boats that circle a blue buoy to boats that kill people. Maybe if a Smirf was swimming near it and got run over?

    AUVSI started out as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles that do things like swim through circles and pick up treasure from the bottom. I don't see how on earth that could be misconstrued to anything other then peaceful.

    And (at least at the place I work) you are not a true engineer until you destroy something 5 figures or over.
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    Sure Stephen , will do if I can make sense of your chatter. thanks for the link though. You should look for some thing more recent. Try
    Here is one for you check current status ( for increasing required sensitization of this forum). I am sure this is the very reason Chris A had to come up with updated rules.

    but what has all the below to do with the topic on the top?. where you the winner or part of winning or loosing team, judges in this competition mentioned above?
    >>shame they teach 1990s Formula 1 ideology.
    >> One team fried a $7000 Lidar without consequences, instead they just pull another one off the shelf. I would understand your concern if you were paying for it though.

    >>Not sure about the ethics of the AUVSI Foundation with competitions aimed at developing products to kill people.
    >>DIYDRONES still uses a logo of a vehicle thats main purpose is to kill indiscriminately, from several thousand feet. I thought this image was to be removed 9 months ago, am I wrong? check for later posts then the one you came up with. It was post too & was a small competition.

    Is there a need for a Robotic Boat orientated forum?
    eg. 'Das Boot Robotics Forum' after one of the finest boat films ever made directed by Wolfgang Petersen " ??????
    I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you asking for a dedicated boat forum here?or are you saying " we don't need one? DIYdrones is DIY style autonomous drone interests forum. Most of the members like them flying, but if you want them to crawl or swim or roll , then you are most welcome to share your interest and experience. And if there is enough interest with lots of feed back from members who are interested to start a dedicated forum , then I am sure Chris A will add one more entry on the top that says 'Das Boot Robotics Forum' . Feel free to invite vote for it. There is one very good blog on autonomous catamaran in this forum. Check it out.
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    One of the best reads on this site, for a lot of folks was a series regarding a robotic boat and the trials it took to get it setup. So YES there is a need because there is interest in the subject.
  • @Stephen. Seems like your just trying to cause problems with something of extreme unimportance. I went to a high school with the Mascot the "Indians" and all the political idiots tried to get the school to change the name because it "offended" the indian tribes. Later we had the tribe Chief come in and he said he was proud that a school had a mascot named after the Indians. No one is going to come and join this site if their purpose is to go and kill a bunch of people. I don't see anywhere on the Diydrones store where they are selling weapons of mass destruction do you? And your complaining about a logo?? LMFAO
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    Ignorance is blessing some times but not always. Google & other search engines are our best friends. The Logo above is NASA's research vehicle called Ikhana , one of its application is given here. , and here.
    Answer to second question: Yes you are wrong, It was not going to be removed. However ,Logo was updated to a better profile so that people ignorant of civilian UAVs in general will not confuse it with Predator or any mil UAVs. I see that it still fails some times. Like Sgt said , it is what men do. Knife for eg is one of the most common murder weapon in the world. Just Think about it.
    Answer to third question:
    Das boot... forum? We don't need to know . This forum's primary focus is on air vehicles only and once in a while we get some good posts from members on marine or land environment usage too.
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    Lets not start that again: alot of effort went into replacing the Predator drone, so lets just leave it at that!

    "Guns don't kill people, people do"

    AUVSI never professed to be military neutral... DIYDrones is!
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