Review of the APM 2.x anti-vibration 3D printed :Omnimac


AMAZING and THX GUYMCCALDIN ! Guy is the guy, a member of this community, who built a 3D printable APM suspension system. As you see on the hover graph above, for my large X8 octo, I get vibrations between -0.03g and +0.03g (to compare with the vibrations I got just using zeal tape +0.15g and -0.15g ).

So this is a factor x5 improvement on vibrations reduction !

Here attached a picture to show the details on how I mounted APM on this suspension system. You can get it at shapeways; I have no personal interest in shapeways, nor in the business of Guy but I think we should encourage people like him who build such perfect tools for our hobby:

here :

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  • MR60

    @RL, yes I am still in 3.0.1 and I did the hover in stabilize mode.

  • i'm using this since quite some times

    cheap, same design, works fine

  • I'm also using this suspension system, with some rubber bits that came with an xaircraft gimbal and happened to fit. It's working great.

  • Hugues, ah, good point.  I have not tried IMU logging.  What firmware are you running?

    If you just fly in Stabilize mode, I think it'll be ok.  Are you still on 3.0.1?

  • Cheap modeling clay shaped and wrapped neatly in a piece of masking tape is an effective dampener.  Just sayin, sometimes the magic elixir is in your junk box and you don't have to order anything.

  • MR60
    @RL, i do not have the flash log with zacc active because you scared me about the octo power limitations if i activate the raw logging. Can i do it without risking any problems ?

    The blue bulbs are extremely soft, like soft silicon gel. you can get them at hobbyking.
  • Do you have a log without suspension system? Something to compare to.

  • Do you have a flash log? I'd like to have a look at it, the Tlog isn't the best for this type of thing.  I really would like to see how well the system works with the those stiff blue bulbs.

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