First one I think to come with LiDAR as standard, that's an interesting development for sure. I see the sun setting on photogrametry with RPAS. But we were talking about that five years ago ;-) Interesting that it is what it is, enough to get the job without too many hours of extra to make it look fancy. I should think most people here could build similar.

RIEGL is excited to announce the release of the RiCOPTER! RIEGL is the first major LiDAR manufacturer to develop its own unmanned aerial system. The RiCOPTER is a high-performance UAV equipped with the RIEGL VUX-1 survey-grade LiDAR sensor to offer a fully integrated turnkey solution.

Stop by the RIEGL booth to see the VUX-1 integrated into several other UAS systems, such as SARAH by Flying-Cam or Aeroscouts UAS, demonstrating the versatility of the instrument! Moreover live demonstrations of RiCOPTER will be performed Tuesday – Thursday in Intergeo’s UAV flight zone.

Rest of the press release

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  • the current version uses 29" props

  • wohooo! Thin vertical arms!!!!

    I was saying that all along!

    Rob you are right about the 20"+ monsters but maybe you are wrong about the problems, it could just be non-engineers doing the research! I am sure I could knock it out of the park given the chance.

    Is there anyone willing to take the risk with me to build the huge multicopters you all know we are waiting for?

    I wont be around forever. but the work I do should live on.

    Where should I go to find good teammates/partners?

  • Oh, I just noticed that's actually an X8.  That's a little more reassuring.

    But yes, this would work much better with a helicopter! :)  I'm starting to have a suspicion that helicopters, despite extra "complexity", are actually more simple and reliable than these very large multirotors.  Anybody have any evidence of these 20+" propped monsters flying for a long time with high reliability?  I've seen plenty of them in prototype, but never seen them being used, and I hear a lot about tuning problems, sync problems, ESC's burning out, etc.

  • Moderator

    Certainly does, I wonder how quickly the price of LiDAR will come down now. Just the sort of weighty payload for a helicopter.

  • I was just reading that on your site.  Apparently that sensor is 3.6kg, so that's gotta be a big quad!

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