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ROS interface for PX4Flow board


The PX4Flow smart camera board will be released in a few weeks (designed by ETH, manufactured by 3D Robotics). There will be a ROS library to drive it, along with the PX4 libraries, Lionel Heng from the ETH Computer Vision and Geometry site announced on the ROS news site

I would like to submit a new repository for indexing: https://github.com/cvg/px-ros-pkg

This repository currently contains a ROS package for interfacing to the soon-to-be-released PX4Flow optical flow board (coming soon from 3D Robotics). We have plans to add a ROS interface to the PX4FMU autopilot, and software for MAV autonomy as showcased in our recent IROS paper (http://www.cvg.ethz.ch/MAV ) in the coming weeks ahead.

Best Regards, Lionel Heng


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  • I really don't see this being used on the current APM.  Maybe the next version, but wouldn't be the first time I was wrong.  Hopefully I am:)

  • Of course this board will work with an APM. Someone just needs to write the firmware. It is a stand alone board that can link to another board like APM. Everything is totally open source, so I think firmware will show up pretty quick. Or you could DIY.

  • Pretty sure it won't.  The Flow board has a Cortex M4F CPU on it.  I think there would be major compatibility issues with the current APM.

  • hi will this flowboard work with the apm

  • Where is the firmware currently at for the PX4 multicopter (pre-alpha, alpha, beta, etc.)?  

  • Wow! I think I know what I need for Christmas :)
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    I can see clearly now, exciting times ahead!

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