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  • wee neeeed a how to build please!

  • The Flettner airplane never flew because it looked to be as heavy as the Eiffel Tower and as aerodynamic. The guy in the YouTube seems to have shed the extra tons of Flettner's design.
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    yep , I was talking about  fanwing. It was a cool thing I haven't seen before.

  • I had a kite once that used this method. A quick googling of "magnus effect" seems to say thit it is primarily a term for rotating solid surfaces? The wikipedia entry mentions Flettner airplanes which also goes on to say should not be confused with the cyclogyro.. Is this design more of a cyclogyro without the cyclic? These are cool.

  • The same principle in baseball gives you a curveball and in golf if you're able to get a back spin on the ball it will magically rise. Neat idea just not very efficient. The lift to power ratio isn't that great but with lighter materials its probably improving.
  • What a great project! I would definitely love to see more alternative flying machines show up on this site :)
  • Another following Morli's post HERE.


  • Looks like the same principle as Fanwing. I think we discussed it here before.

    Another article.

    Agreed Scott. Neat machine but I am not sure about efficiency. Ahh.. who cares? It's cool!



  • The Magus Effect was postulated by Isaac Newton in the sixteen-hundreds. I wonder how many of these have created false UFO reports over the centuries...
  • Morli, I think you mean the Fan Wing. Which is not nearly as absurd and wonderful as this one.

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