Admin warning: There are graphic scenes of propeller induced lacerations in this video

After many years experience working in the military and as a hobby it finally happened to me. While the drone was landing a few inches from the ground I approached about 2 feet from it. Well, it did not like the spot it was landing on and it moved towards me cutting in to my leg. This was my mistake, instead I should have waited for it to land and disarm. 

This makes me think of the many people flying their drones in public places. Many videos have been posted in social media were something goes wrong and the craft goes out of control and down it goes toward the ground and even worst people or property. 

A 10 inch plastic "slow flyer" prop was able to cut in to my leg all the way down to were muscle and bone was exposed. In this instance it was a clean cut with no major damage. In the vid you can see the muscle moving inside when I moved my foot. (Yes very gnarly)

Imagine this being a child or anyone for that matter when an aircraft "looses control". For the longest time, RC enthusiasts have had to follow established rules by the FAA and AMA. The sudden influx of this technology hitting the world markets have created a different type of costumer, an ignorant one. Many flying fields would not allow you to fly if you do not posses an AMA membership which comes with insurance. At that, it is my understanding insurance will not cover irresponsible usage. 

My point is, do not do this hobby or work a disservice by your irresponsible usage. Flying higher than the mandated ceiling, flying on the mandated areas, and never over unsuspecting public. Look at what it can do! and that was only at lower RPM's and a few inches from the ground. Imagine a 3 lb drone hitting a child after falling from over a 100 ft. Don't be selfish, your stupid video is not worth killing or injuring an innocent life. 

Those of us who use this technology in the professional field please be an example to others and feel free to call out a moron that is giving us negative attention. I am looking forward to heavy regulation over the professional and hobby industry to minimize incidents. 

Thank you every one, and safe dronening :-)

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  • Many of our unmanned aircraft operators at the beginning came from pilot programs. As well as the R&D and associated staff. All this because we wanted the safeties that we have been expecting from traditional aviation. There are many factors that apply from a 747 down to a SUAS. From training to planning in order to have a safe mission or pleasure flight. But this is now available to any bugger eating window licker so hang on for more incidents. I have been grounded as well for different jobs, but that only means that there's a process to keep safety first. Thank you for sharing
  • Yikes. Glad you are OK.

    That's why when we tried to get X-games clearance safety asked us to use wood or plastic, NO carbon fiber (which can be a problem for a 20# vehicle, canceled anyway due to the FAA final review).

    Our very 1st mult-multicopter demo dry run in 2011 (MK units) had one RTL into a tree and literally "stuck" itself into the side of the tree for about 3-4 seconds, then the prop broke and fell. Those were with MK props (graupners).

  • Thank you for the get well wishes. My point was to be mindful of all possible dangers to yourself,others and property. Be open to all when it comes to safety. Showoff how good your video composition is without violating the rules. Be vocal and call out all who are irresponsible. Share your mistakes and cool shit so others can learn from them.
  • Yep, this is no joke.  Last week, I hit my folk's house with my quad, with 10" APC MR props.  The props actually cut the aluminum siding!

    I do have another quad with folding DJI 15" props, and I believe they are much safer.  They have far less energy when they impact something since they just fold.  The tips are also not nearly as sharp. Not the perfectly safe, but better. 

  • I can testify myself that the carbon-reinforced nylon props are sharper enough for cutting an entire finger, i don't show you the pictures because they are too rude. I think would be better stop talking about the different material of propeller and better instead thinking about security of people around our flight path. Remember, you can be the best pilot of the world but it's always electronic, only electronic.

    Thenk you M.A.N. for showing us your accident.


  • Next I will cut my self with different material props just for you guys ha ha ha.
  • CF props have round(er) edges because carbon is very brittle, it doesn't hold an edge like plastic or metal does.

    Graupner's carbon-reinforced nylon props' edges aren't sharp either.

  • Really sorry and get well soon!!! Thanks for reminding us again and again of the safety! Get well

  • Nasty cut! commiserations! carbon is safer? Isn't a carbon prop essentially a rotating kitchen knife? It would be interesting to conduct a safety study with different types of props...

  • It's those thin plastic props that are the worst, they cut right through anything, as these also become thinner at the edges near the tip. They're basically like a set of knives twisting away. I now use thicker props, usually the graupner type, or carbon and I think they're safer for that reason.

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