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    check out my not so scale cockpit video

  • Now you just need make moving instruments on board ;) It's very impressive !

  • thats great and yeh sorry about the crash but its one of the best videos ive seen very creative

  • Developer

    fantastic video!  I love how the cockpick is dislodge but the zombie arms are still moving around nonchalantly.

  • Distributor

    Just like everyone saying.... Great video!! 

    hehehe like the free tip!:

    "A tip for anyone out there that thinks about building their own cockpit; secure it with more than just magnets."

    Really well done! 

  • Super cool David !

  • Great video David! you made it look so real! FPV is taking new steps in what can be called, full scale real flight dramatization!..

  • Love it! Sorry about the crash but an awesome video none the less!!!!

  • Honestly, this is one of the most exciting rc onboard camera film I have seen. Well done it's a great job and very exciting and funny too!!!
  • Distributor

    That is realy nice, I like how you made the hands move!

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