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  • Scaneagle heroine. Must fall in love.

  • I like the AeroVironment Wasp, cant wait for some new micro optical systems over the next 5 years either.

    The BATUAS is probably the most sexiest hehe :)
  • If you guys think that is cool, you should check out the BATUAS:
    For more info on the airframe you can search for killer bee uas. The guys over in the corner ("BAT cave" as they call it) are doing some pretty amazing things with it that ScanEagle will never be able to come close to.
  • T3
    Wonder why it is still been operated by civilians?
  • I believe those "those three orange/grey pods" are traffic cones. The ScanEagle is certainly one impressive UAV, probably one of my favorites as well.
  • Admin
    Thanks Max, the experience must have been gr8 , too bad no video. what are those three orange/grey pods next to the fire extinguishers? the one on static display I have seen must have been Mil ver and older one too( it didn't have the flexible air intake)
  • Hi Morly,
    The UAV which was on demonstration was the "commercial" version of the scaneagle which used 2.4ghz analog video (at least at the Outback Challenge).

    I tried to record it but my minidv wouldnt pick it up as it was slightly out of sync... ntsc maybe?
    The RX built into the fatshark goggles could pick it up fine, really wish I could have recorded it!

    Here is a picture of it, note the orange paint on the UAV which signifies it as the commercial version.

  • Admin
    found few here
  • Admin
    Max , you mean to say they used regular 2.4 Ghz video down link. does any one know where to watch real scan eagle downlinked video ? thanks
  • OK. Looks like a mobile crane retrofitted with a wire and spring system to dampen the negative acceleration on impact.

    Regarding the wings and airframe design: I guess those are composite wings? Is it feasible to make similar wings for a hobbyist UAV? In case how would you do it? Foam core with kevlar / CF? Any links to people that do this on e.g gliders or other scale airfraft?

    Do anyone know what wing profile do they use and what are the benefits of the relatively high sweep?

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