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  • "This ties into my thinking that RTF systems will have a higher number of these incidents."

    RTF = "Ready to Fail"

  • I agree WOW. Maybe flying in a restricted area of a stadium for a certain camera shot down on the field not over the crowd?? Still you would need to post a warning and enter at own risk for the arena. One day with flawless failsafe and FAA regulations in place and some good insurance policies.


  • Well, glad no one was hurt. 

    But I can not deny, that after watching that video just above, that the guy sure can get interesting shots. He's good, that's for sure. 

    Safe.... Not so sure about that.

    But gorgeous video. 

  • Developer

    Oh man... that guy used to fly in dangerous conditions. Soon or later it would result in shits like that (probably worse than that).
    This one is from the same guy... equally dangerous...

  • @Tim Green


  • @Joshua you are right, there are plently of crash videos online, and there should be more videos posted of successful and safe operations.

    I recall last time Ruwan posted that an Australian company had  safely operated a UAV at a sporting event, after been approved by the country's civil aviation safety authority specifically for stadium operations, certain members of this community criticized such activity.  Even though unlike this video, it was proof that it could be done safely.

  • No official news on what it was trying to do or any interest from the media.  You can only assume things are different in Brazil & it was normal practice to get low altitude camera passes over the seats.

  • Developer

    Purple led on DJI wookong means GPS Altitude Hold, but its just an Altitude hold that goes in to Position hold when you release the sticks, The Position hold will not work (even if the purple led is on) if there is no GPS signal, red led blinking 3 times it means that there is less than 5 satellites, basically no GPS... so if you release the sticks it will continue to drift.

    But looking at the video you can see that pilot had no idea at what direction he was flying, you just can't see that far :) 

    And looking at the picture, there is no video down-link.

    Always set small FPV cam for the pilot !!! 

    Its 100% pilot error (100% being an idiot) 

    and one more thing :)

  • Man! those guys were lucky! 

  • Developer

    Since I am a Brazilian, I could not be more embarrassed.
    Whenever I fly a drone I take more precautions, larger even than when flying an RC to not harm this incredible community.

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