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Scenes from the ArduCopter factory

Jani sent over some pictures of the first beta ArduCopter retail units going out to the dev team. Yes, the dev team is that big now!

We'll announce pricing, package options, pre-ordering procedures and final specs within the month. I'm guessing that we'll be able to start shipping retail units by the end of September. We want to make sure that the code is pretty bulletproof, so the contents of those boxes will have to do a lot of flying between now and then!

Initially, we will be selling via our affiliate, PhiFUN (note: that site is not ready for ordering yet. Ignore the preorder offer for now--it doesn't work yet!) and directly via the DIY Drones store.

Please understand that ArduCopter is a full UAV, not a RC toy, so we have to comply with export and other regulations. So, for example. sales via the DIY Drones store may be US-only and require compliance with a no-export agreement. For those outside the US, PhiFUN will be the primary distributor, although we'll be looking for a European partner, too.

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  • It is so nice to see this Quad frame ! Hatsoff for the great efforts to make it available for those who can not make it of their own !

    Though the price seems very high and with shipping together, it may pinch a regular RC Fligher.
    If someone do not want to spend that much money, then making the Quad Frame is not really difficult, here is mine, it is made in less than 2 US$ (Frame alone).

  • First unpacking picture, second picture with a lot of ready beta editions and for desert - regulation to Europe... Sell electronics and frame separately then, or at least the frame. The same thing like Digikey and some other distributors - Digikey can not sell you magnetometer because of regulation to Europe(you go to distributor here which delays you 1-3 weeks), however small companies do it without problem. Sorry for moaning, no harm intended, but this is like show carrot to the rabbit and eat it yourself in the end...
  • Moderator
    I need more time a day...
    I must have myself one of these.

  • Hi Chris

    What requirements does your planned EU distributor need?


  • any word on the price?
  • First the un-boxing and now this. Your killing us Chris! Upcoming months will be interesting. Very nice!
  • Moderator
    Great stuff! I knew I should have sprung for one!
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