Scout Drone - Video Update

First Ascent Scout Drone - Video Update


A few weeks ago I posted a short write up on a compact, autonomous drone I was helping to develop:

We've put together some video footage, kind of a summary and current status of the project.  If you have any comments, suggestions or just want to stay informed about the drone please email us at

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  • Great work guys.

    As a feature suggestion... how about a "return to authorised station". That is, allow it to be sent to the nearest ranger station, police station or similar and have it emit an alarm upon landing, alerting anyone finding it to the fact that the sender is in trouble and in need of emergency services. The fact that with an onboard GPS and a small bit of code it could give out the launch location could mean this is an ideal (reverse) search and rescue drone (no need to search)!

    The obvious difficulty with this would be flight range... but perhaps building a modified version for longer range flights might be doable?

  • Awesome, great little drone

  • instead of the sonar, just place a camera. so this bottle-copter could become a aerial survey useful for firefighters or army and you get rich

  • this is genius, much better than many bullshit drones i've seen on kickstater

  • Shut up and take my money

  • We sure hope so, check out, we have some information there that you might find interesting.  We also have a Facebook page if that is more your speed....

  • every innovative, any chance that would be on the market some day? Maybe soon....

  • Impressive. Looks to be more plausible than this project.

  • This looks very similar to something Light Machines worked on around 2008.

    Love to see these designs moving forward.

  • 100KM

    Great idea, excellent design and convincing realisation!

    Several years ago these guys developped a quadrocopter for backpacking use:

    Your coaxial approach has a perfect form factor. Flight time, maneuverabilty and simplicity (price) of construction might be the challenges. Looking forward to commercialisation.

    Good luck!

    alcedo - the flying avalanche transceiver
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