Hey fellow UAV enthusiasts & professionals !

Are you working with aerial photography, image mapping, agriculture analysis, 3D modelling or something where you need to trigger your camera from a UAV platform?

We are proud to present our first product from Seagull UAV !

Seagull #MAP - which also supports the latest "system" and "compact" Sony cameras, with two trigger modes and camera on/off feature. Furthermore we have added support for multiple camera brands with 100+ supported cameras models already available !

Short demo with transmitter control:

Short tutorial on setup to use with Mission Planner:

Don't forget to use the coupon code "DIYDRONES" - and get 10% discount on your first Seagull #MAP !
The coupon code expires on August 31, 2015

Check it out at our newly opened Shop - http://SeagullUAV.com - and order yours Today

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask – our support is ready to help - have a great day!

Best regards,

The Seagull UAV Team !

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  • Yes it seems that the QX100 does not support MULTI but regarding to the specs of the thing I would totally buy something that trigger it without wifi on board (zoom and video would be a great bonus). Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Romain,

    To my knowledge the QX10 and 100 does not support the Sony "MULTI" usb interface.. I can't confirm this 100% since I have only tested with the QX-1 from the QX lineup...

  • Hi David,

    Only the latest NEX - the NEX-3N have the new "MULTI" usb interface, so it won't Work with the older NEX-5 and 7 - sorry...

  • No QX100 support :(

  • I see the Sony NEX-3N listed.. Can I assume it'll work with the rest of the Nex series? NEX-5 and 7?

  • Hi Eddie,

    To my knowledge, the Canon Powershot cameras don't have a dedicated "remote" connector - sorry....

    For now, #MAP only supports the cameras listed on the product page under "What it supports" - unfold the different cables listed to view the compatibility..

    Regarding Mission Planner - the "Support" page on the Shop have just been updated with a screenshot from Mission Planner - and the manual on the product page is also updated..

    Thank You for your input, and have a nice day ! :) 

  • Can the #MAP be used with Canon Powershot cameras without CDHK scripts? Can you explain exactly how it would be set up with either APM or Pixhawk and the Canon camera for autonomous mapping flights created in Mission Planner, where orthomosaics are the end result.
    I have to ask, as it is not clear from your website!
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