Seagull #MAP-X from Seagull UAV !


      X … marks the spot !

We are proud to present the very first addition to our precision camera trigger family.


Have you ever experienced missing images after a completed flight

 – and having to redo the complete mission ?


Working within Geomapping, Agricultural analysis, 3D modelling or similar – where you capture hundreds or even thousands of images on a daily or weekly basis ?

We have a perfect solution for you, introducing Seagull #MAP-X and optional telemetry ground station !


#MAP-X gives you precise coordinates of photographs taken and only tags the location if the photograph has been successfully taken. On top of that #MAP-X outputs coordinates of failed photographs, giving you a quick data for re-flying survey points and capture the missing photos.

As well as all of the above #MAP-X generates a .kml file for each flight with all of the “Confirmed” and “Failed” coordinates of pictures, which can be loaded into Google Earth for a quick overview after each flight !

With Seagull #MAP-X you get everything you need to connect your camera to your favorite UAV/Drone platform.
Hot shoe sync, servo and camera cables are included, as is also GPS antenna, micro SD card etc. – making it really simple to get started !

#MAP-X delivers unbelievable value to your professional mapping jobs, saving both you and your clients time and money, so you can do more jobs in a day.

#MAP-X is controlled by a standard PWM servo signal from your R/C receiver and/or Flight Controllers like 3DR Pixhawk, APM 2.6, DJI Wookong, DJI A2 – and many others with camera support.

A lot of camera brands and models are supported.


          #MAP-X … improve your workflow !

          The spot is marked ! – now you need confirmation !

With Seagull #TRX you will get live feedback from #MAP-X, adding value to your work by knowing if the mission is going as planned, or if adjustments are needed before a successful flight can be executed !

Do your camera pre-flight sync checks with #MAP-X and have the result shown on #TRX !

Simply connect #TTX which is the telemetry transmitter to your #MAP-X unit, then power up #TRX and #MAP-X. The two units will establish connection and status of #MAP-X will appear on the display of Seagull #TRX.

When “Ready for Takeoff” is displayed on #TRX – you are ready to do Mission Start and get flying !

Get information from your #MAP-X directly to #TRX ground module with the current confirmed photos, failed photos, micro SD card status and GPS lock status on top of that #TRX will display the current trigger mode being used by #MAP-X !

Seagull #TRX is powered through a micro USB cable, and can plug into your PC or a USB power bank and be placed in the desired location for an always easy overview of you current mission status.


          #TRX … saves You and your clients time !


Intro video for #MAP-X with optional #TRX telemetry kit

We currently offer a 30% discount on Seagull #TRX if purchased bundled with #MAP-X

Visit our shop at

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask – our support is ready to help - have a great day!

Best regards from Denmark,

Rone Scholz-Nielsen
CEO // founder, Seagull UAV

The Seagull UAV Team !


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  • Hi Stanley,

    Thank you very much for the kind words :)

    Hard to say if it will fit your existing workflows - everyone can use camera feedback though :)

    But drop me some initial questions on our Contact page ( and we will get back to you asap :)

  • Hi Cioro,

    Happy to hear that you like our #MAP2 :)

    We will see what we can do about a new revision of our #MAP series, but you definitely have a point !

  • Halo Rone, good to see seagull now have two new products Congratulations!!
    I bought trigger from you last time for my SONY and Im really happy about it :-D
    Now im interested with your Map X, at the meantime I need to understand how it is working then i might possible to use it in my existing workflows.   

  • Hi Rone,

    I own Map2 and I'm very happy with it, but you have to make it also receiver/AP independent, just put a small switch that will trigger the camera at a predefined time interval. This will be a very good feature for less complicated air-frames.

  • Hi Keeyen,

    #MAP-X is outputting GNGGA messages/lines, so it won't be compatible with the Mission Planner tagging feature.

    We have quite a few customers using the exiftool that we written a guide to on our #MAP-X Support page (click the button in the top right on the page "Geotag Guide")

    Other software that does similar can be used without any problems off course - it's all about personal preference..

  • Hi Noli,

    Since the Seagull #TRX ground module runs it own independent radio link, there should not be any issues installing the #MAP-X with #TRX on the SOLO - that is when the SOLO is prepared for 3rd party triggers like our solution.. 

  • 100KM

    This Map X log a GPS data file. Are we going to use third party software such as Geosetter to geo tag those picture or can we use the Geo tag tool in Mission Planner ? 

  • Hi Rone,

    I think this device does not working with 3DR Solo since it does NOT have RDF telemetry (e.g. 433Mhz and 915Mhz as shown your the photos of the 2 RDF antenna).

    3DR SOLO works on WiFi (2.4 Mhz frequency).

  • Hi Noli,

    If your SOLO is modified so you can connect to a PWM port that can be defined as the trigger in the Ground Station software, then it should be completely doable ! Please check our manuals for further information on triggering the desired modes.. We don't have much info regarding SOLO and the possibilities, so we can't help you our here..

    In regards to telemetry - Seagull #TRX comes with everything needed to get your camera status to the ground - shown on the display of the #TRX unit - in other words, it has telemetry built-in already :)

    We offer 2 different frequencies - 433Mhz and 915Mhz depending on your location in regards to what frequencies you are allowed to use in your country..

  • Can this device works with "modified 3DR Solo with the camera trigger" for mapping?

    3DR Solo has no RDF for telemetry but WIFI.

This reply was deleted.