Seaplane UAV concept


It is only a design exercise with a wingspan of 1640mm, and a lot of space for electronics and batteries and very easy access to electronics. Last image shows 6 x 5000mAh/3S.






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  • yes, it is obviously inspired in Icon A5
  • Moderator

    Reminds me a little of the Icon 5

    Length: 1150mm
    Flying Weight: 2.5KG
    Motor: 3740 400kv Brushless
    ESC: 60A (Required)
    Servos: 5 x 17g  and 1 x 25g MG
    Battery: 22.2v 6s 2800-3200mah (Required)
    Propeller: 12x6E
    Spinner: 1.5in

  • Nice idea and design!
  • If it was in foam with a link I'd have bought it already. Good concept I've thought about bodging a twinstar to be water landable.
  • Cool man, make sure the keel step is at least 10% behind the CG
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