(CNN) -- Ethnic tensions in the Balkans and an incident involving a drone led to the abandonment of a major European international football game Tuesday.

Serbia's European Championship qualifying match with Albania was abandoned after 41 minutes following ugly clashes between both sets of players.

The brawl followed the arrival of a mini-drone, which flew over the stadium while carrying a flag with Albanian symbols.

When Stefan Mitrovic, the Serbian player, ripped the flag down, it provided the catalyst for an already combustible tie to fully ignite.

Full article here: Flag carrying drone

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  • concentrate on the fact that small sUASs (drones) can be used

    How do you know it was a sUASs?  Maybe it was just a drone.

    Maybe they actually rioted to protest the proliferation of stupid acronyms and their widespread misuse.

  • Moderator

    @ c j g :  "Albania" not "Albany".


  • ... one strange thing. The dji pilot was the brother of the Albany head of government ;)

  • Admin


    Let's try to minimize the political issues here and concentrate on the fact that small sUASs (drones) can be used for just about any purpose nowadays.


    TCIII Admin

    Dat wild nazi both side.
    Phantom  was not the cause of this ciollision.
    The fight would start without it too...

  • Sergios Zafeiropoulos
    Albanian only?

    It's hapend in Belgrad, riot begun and spread serbian nazi, but provoked albanian nazi. Mutual incitement to hatred.  There is NO good  guys - welcome to reality of modern european fascism ... =(

  • As Sergios said, the quad in this case wasn´t the big problem.
    Serbia and Albania were enemies during the war. Lot of people died, so is not funny to see that flag during a soccer match where the teams were in opposite sides during the war. Is a serious offense.

  • TCIII, I have seen a few poor attempts of that type of thing here on the coast however the wind typically make it a one way trip...

  • Its not the sUAS that has caused all of this the sUAS is just the means of delivery .

    The problem is the flag it was carrying which is the greater albanian flag that which is claiming parts of Serbia and parts of Greece ...

    more info here about Albanian national myths :

  • Serbia and Albania dont like each other especially lately as Kosovo was "stolen" from Serbia. The drone was just part of the mix.

This reply was deleted.