serveball, trowable camera

Looks like a very interesting technology to use on a uav.

We've invented the world's first intelligent throwable camera, a ball capable of stabilized, full spherical 360° photography and video capture. Today, as this fledgling space begins to take flight, we're engineering state-of-the-art technology for the decade ahead. Simply put, cameras and sensors are going airborne.

More info here,

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  • helistorm, that was the first thing i thought about as well.. 
    To put a camera system + the software like this on something that flies would be great.
    No gimbal needs, full 360' vid, immersive fpv ..
    Object tracking and follow me

  • B Nevins...sand can do in most technology pretty effectively.
  • The first video reminds me a little of the movie Prometheus, where they have the floating mapping drone things.

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    Mirrors are not just for makeup ;-)

  • Yeah, we have this thing called the recon scout "Throwbot."  Just like every other bit of technology we get here, doesn't work in sand.

  • Now that's sweet! Would be even sweeter if it were the size of a golf or tennis ball (give it a few years).  Definitely on my must have list. 

  • Wow, the uses for this thing are endless!  Amazing.

    I hate to bring up the military thing but... soldiers, or police....  "Is there anybody in that building?" "Hang on, let me lob a camera through the window and we'll find out."  Awesome.

  • The tracking and 3D are pretty sick. 

    I didn't catch the price.

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    That's a couple of years old, but they have a done a great job with the software.

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