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  • wow this was mind blowing. who would've thought that it will take so much to land a mars rover

  • Over complicated for rover mission BUT ! one step forward toward human lending on Mars.

    we all see just rover landing but this is actually learning mission for tomorrow human flight to the Mars. 

  • the problem is this is the largest thing anyone has sent to mars.


    I mean it's the size of a good sized car and weighs 1,982-pound (899-kilogram) it can't land like anyother prob we've sent. the atmo is to thin to slow it down, it's to heavy to bounce like the last two so what else can they do.

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    @Brian, it was too simple... :) 

    no apparently it was not precise enough... it could roll to a place where they dont want to be. 

    This time they want to be exactly where the alien are!  ;) 

  • I wonder why they gave up on the airbag-bounce-till-you-stop approach. It worked pretty well for the other two rovers.

  • They have become the 3D animation capitol of the world.  As for the cost, look at their requisitions: "Performs highly complex and critical job functions and activities. "  Those guys who can perform highly complex & critical job functions are expensive.

  • yeah, the rocket hovering / lowering thing was when I really cracked up.
    If they pull this off, I will take my hat off to their genius, but I can't help but think there had to be a simpler way to solve these problems. I know I don't know all the variables and that its much more complicated than my simple mind can comprehend, but really, are rockets the only way of slowing a decent and guiding the decent?
    That seems extremely high risk.

    It has certainly piqued my interest though and I will be watching in August with baited breath.

    Good luck to them!!!

  • 3D Robotics

    Like Dany said, as I was watching I thought it had to be an April fools joke or something, way to scifi! When I realized they were serious I couldnt believe they had gone with such a complex system with soooo many possible failure points. I am sure it was tested over and over so I hope they can pull it off. It really is out of this world :)

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    Can anyone say over engineered? hehe like the many point of possible error and failure! But that is what you get when you let master mind solve a problem such as this one.  

    bets are open on where it will ultimately fails!  I and just sarcastic tonight, I really hope they make it but you all have to admit that this is way more complex than it should really be... 

    Do you think they reviewed the code this time to make sure feets and meters are not interchanged? 


    Go Curiosity Go! (if you can land) 

  • This is epic!

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