SF Bay Area Drone Meetup & Fly-in, Sunday, Nov 24th

+++Attention all SF Bay Area Drone Pilots and UAV Enthusiasts+++

Come to the Game of Drones Meetup & Fly-in this Sunday, November 24th:



Announcing the Grand Opening of the Game of Drones' brand new airfield, Groom Lake West, located in beautiful American Canyon, CA.  To celebrate, Game of Drones is hosting an open-house Meetup & Fly-In on Sunday November 24th.  It's free, family-friendly and a ton of fun.  

All the details and RSVP here:


Bring your drones, UAV's, fixed-wings and multi-rotors and experience our 100+ acres of wide open skies, as well as several terrain & stunt zones, filled with trees, forts, tunnels and other obstacles.




Check out these airfield panoramas:


There will be games, prizes, demos and more. Game of Drones will be showing off our latest Sumo Quad Action Sports airframes, as well as demoing our aerial dogfighting and combat games.  You might even win one of our airframes for your very own! 

Come to the Game of Drones Meetup & Fly-in this Sunday:


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  • The Flyin was lots of fun and I got LOTS of good ideas from the participants, the wood tricopter the young kid was flying was really a good flyer. And I got to see a homebrew propeller based autopilot.

    Even walking the field for lost copters was fun..

    Hey kids get the kickstarter page filled in on your home page..no clicky..

    Roja did NOT enjoy the Rocket boost glider however.. good thing it was NOT indestructible like the sumo quad :)

            Hotel Zulu Lima..

  • We began by vacuum-forming in our garage, but our work got much better once we started working at Techshop and using their gear.

  • I'm going to try to make it to this one.  I'll bring my paintball gun *and* my drones.  :)

  • hmm wouldnt mind making contact with the designer of that tough airframe.. these rigs are really tough  would love to have a shell to build up . now wondering about the short course in vacuforming at techshop..


  • Hopefully the grass is cut, don't want to spend another hour looking for my rig, but it's a hell of a place to fly. I'll be there

  • Game of Drones will happily demo our hexarotor paintball gunship.  We will supply our own prey...

  • Steve, shotgun is totally optional.  ; )

  • A great place to fly, come on out and join the fun!
  • You won't be shooting any shotguns at my quads right?

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