Kill Devil HillI was driving home tonight and thought how cool would it be if the RC/UAV community worked together on a small model of the Wright's plane, with an autopilot that would repeat the flight path of the first airplane for visitors. It's a tragically quiet monument, and it would be much improved by a regular flight demonstration. There is plenty of space, and the flight path is always the same 90 seconds. Would it be hard to get clearance, sure, but if any hobby project had a chance of getting flight clearance, I should think a flight path of 50 feet elevation might stand a chance, its a good cause, and a genuine public benefit and we could kill the FAA in the media if they crossed the project.I was thinking to split the cost of a few stock models and send parts of it to various RC clubs for assembly, while DIYDrones could collaborate on the controls - then a kick off meeting at Kill Devil Hills to assemble the plane parts with the electronics, and turn over the project to the museum staff. I think if it had a small rail launch, it could be push-button easy.Anyone think we could pull it off?
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  • I would be more than willing to help.
  • paul,
    I can imagine the response to an individual doing a solo act with no public benefit.
    The intent of this project is to move the request from an individual to a significant group, and to provide a clear public benefit. If we could suggest that a bi-hourly flight would increase tourism to a state heavily hit by Nafta etc...(loss of furniture, tobacco and textile industries in a single decade) - we might have hit on a holy grail - public benefit for peaceful autonomous model airplanes.

    I mean - why gripe about public policy if there is no interest in pioneering. What this sport needs is an alpha case - a precedent. The first publicly accepted UAV in regular operation serving a public purpose.

    Waiting for people to get lost and then do recon is tough because it's rare, and there isn't time to get approval.
  • It's an interesting idea but I'll share my experiences. I wanted to fly my FPV easystar there a few years back and the National Park Service didn't want me near anything so I didn't push it. There was an active airport about 500 yards west on the park site, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

    I was allowed to fly at the nearby Jockey Ridge State park as long as I didn't use a gas engine.

    Logistically, I think there would be a need for a highly trained crew running a live demo, so this might be best suited for an scheduled "event" week.
  • tychoc,
    The Wright brothers choose this location for the wind. True, it has wind, but the wind is far less perturbed.
    The WB's wanted the low take off speeds - with minimal turbulence. Their flight was 90 seconds, but the distance was quite minimal, and I would think dramatic for its slow ground speed. Part of the appeal is to recreate this event rather closely.
  • I visited last summer. Boy was is windy - all the time....!

    I think that would be an issue.

  • Far more interesting and valuable if the flight is real. It would want a weather station input to prevent a release in bad weather.
  • 3D Robotics
    If you're going to do a model doing the same path over and over, it's better to put it on a thin rail.
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