I'm going to mount this 10 x zoom camera under wing inside fuselage in my Skywalker. There is space for it. it will be pointing out to the left side of the plane because the FY 21 AP will turn left in circle mode.

The system are very simple and also low cost. The servo got mems gyro inside. I know it wont stabilize the camera 100 % but I think it will be OK for armature UAV flying.

I got the servo from Dunehaven.

I'm able to zoom in and out by 3 position switch on remote.

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    Miles ,you mean like this one ?


    It is from cloudcap
  • Has anyone thought about jointly designing a small ball turret gimbal that uses block camera, maybe high resolution servos etc. Certainly be great to have.
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    Hooks , what sensor is used in this camera and what is the size of sensor? And is the zoom optical ( I assume) or digital ? looks almost like Sony FCB-EX11D block camera
    the web site says

    5. Be extra careful not to shake the camera. We all expect a lot of shaking in our usage, so how does this cam stand against our abuse like Sgt Ric said.
    SONY FCB-EX11D 10x Color Block Camera at a low price!
    SONY FCB-EX11D 10x Color Block Camera
  • When can we expect a retractable gimbal version :)
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    Pan & tilt for the 10 x zoom camera

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    The camera comes with a hard thick plastic cover.

    It's the one used in this video as well:

  • I'm excited about that camera. Now "all" I need is a retractable pan & tilt mechanism so I can load it in my flying wing.
  • to Chris :

    i have created a blog post for this camera , need to validate trough.
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    I know its a nice looking camera, but since I know I have alot of rough landings, I would worry about having a $300 camera that the instructions say "Don't bump"!
  • Chris.. it seems that this is the camera
    I would like to view a video of it working!!!
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