SkyHunter FPV UAV Aircraft Platform - kit

42722.jpgThe first thing that came to my attention was the large bay which is suiteable, according to the product description, for batteries from 5 to 20 Amps. The large bay in combination with a wingspan of 1800 mm (70 inch) and the suggested power train allows this aircraft to carry enough gadgets to make it a great FPV aircraft.


• Tough EPO Construction
• Large Size Ideal for a Stable Flying in a Variety of Weather Conditions
• Unique Nose Mounted
• Large Camera Canopy
• Plug In 2pc Wing and Tail for Easy Transport
• Large Payload Capability
• Large CF wing and tail Tubes

Price is US$ 111.78 and available from Hobbyking

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  • Allot of good info here about reinforcing around the tail area.  I was wondering if someone could share their APM 2.5 settings for the sky hunter.  I am almost finished with a build and starting to configure the APM 2.5 and was wondering how to by-pass the rudder channel or disable it as it is not used?

  • I don't know if is only white version, but I've bought recently a skyhunter white from, and quality of the CF tubes of boom are poor, very crappy!

    And it came cracked in the end of one tube also.

    I'm afraid to build/fly the plane with these tubes, and waiting to receive new ones that I've ordered, with better quality.

  • @ R_Lefebvre,

    I have 2 3S 5000mah, and needless to say, space it tight with all of the other components. I am still fiddling around with a suitable setup on mine. This looks great, I may look into purchasing this whenever the extra funds permits it.

  • 100KM
    Thanks Guy.. I don't enjoy fiddling at the field to get in the air. That's why I sold my bixler2. I'm so happy with my skywalker, but always wondered about this airframe.
  • "You need at least 2 meters if you need to have onboard camera(s), OSD, Telemetry, etc...."

    what a load of rubbish... never seen a TBS Caiprainha ? 85cm...

  • Foam definitely does have its advantages. I love testing with it for just those reasons. So flexible (in terms of options), almost disposable airframes but once a platform is tried, tested and proven, I think the shift from foam to balsa and/or composite is a big plus but for testing I'd definitely stick with the easily adaptable foam.
  • And that is exactly the direction I'm switching too. Foam is good to test certain things as they can be built up and created pretty quick and easy to replicate but the strength just isn't there... How stupid to have a an entire airframe disintegrate because of a broken fin that was not only properly set up but also moderately reinforced...

  • And... that's the reason I've held back from these things.  I'm an old-school built up balsa and liteply airplane guy.  I've only had one foam plane, and it was horrible.

    I've looked at this thing and wondered if it would work.

    I should just strap a camera to the bottom of my 80" Satio powered Cub and be done with it.

  • I agree with Scott re the reinforcement. Maiden flight had 12amps of 4s and a full FPV suite with camera gimbal, etc (running APM 2.5). Was always a little weary of the booms and rear end flexing. Took off, got to altitude and banked her moderately to hard and one of the rear fins flexed and sheared off from their attachment to the tail assembly which led her into an instant spin straight at me. Literally crash exploded into a million pieces. Does have potential just really needs A LOT of reinforcement. The tale and fins are attached via these little flaps you are supposed to simply glue to hold each other together. Not believing that would work I also put screws through them but it didn't matter, it simply sheared at the weakest point above that. Mine was the grey/greenish foam colored one but regardless there is potential, it has a pretty large internal bay (there are some mods and one person on RCG who makes a glider style landing wheel for this) but if built up, it could be a great plane. IMO. Also, I have the entire thing on video (from the plane) somewhere. Heres a pic of the aftermath. 


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