SkyHunter FPV UAV Aircraft Platform - kit

42722.jpgThe first thing that came to my attention was the large bay which is suiteable, according to the product description, for batteries from 5 to 20 Amps. The large bay in combination with a wingspan of 1800 mm (70 inch) and the suggested power train allows this aircraft to carry enough gadgets to make it a great FPV aircraft.


• Tough EPO Construction
• Large Size Ideal for a Stable Flying in a Variety of Weather Conditions
• Unique Nose Mounted
• Large Camera Canopy
• Plug In 2pc Wing and Tail for Easy Transport
• Large Payload Capability
• Large CF wing and tail Tubes

Price is US$ 111.78 and available from Hobbyking

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  • The Hercules/wings are great platforms. But you still a lot of room to fit in a car. I wish they made a bit bigger Twinstar.

  • There's a huge thread on RCG's FPV forum on the Skyhunter. It's a awesome plane but needs reinforcement around the boom areas. I'd suggest folks take a look at that thread and get an idea of what to expect.

  • @Austin - if you would consider a twin tractor flying wing, check out the Hercules 72"/78".

  • On your note of 2 booms, I've been looking at doing the same thing. My thought is that you could take any two basic fpv planes(like the HobbyKing axn floater) and add them to a larger airframe, maybe even a flying wing, and modify the noses with some carbon fiber rods and motor mounts. The only problem would be that you would most likely have to drop the main fuse back a bit to maintain CG, which would be difficulty to do at best.

  • Interesting.  I was looking at getting a Phantom wing, but one thing holding me back is the batteries. I have a lot of 4S 5000s I'd like to use, but I'm pretty sure they're too big for the Phantom.  This thing can use them though.

    The only problem is as Guy says, the fiddlyness of it.  I also wonder how the landing is on rough surfaces.  How well it takes it.

    I really wish somebody made an airplane with a layout like this, but twin tractor props in front of the booms, for redundancy. 

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